Cincinnati on the Mind

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As prep is started for the upcoming River Run Trip, Cincinnati is on the mind. Please? I said we are going to go to Cincinnati as our first major stop. We might go to  OTR (Over the Rhine) section of town or drive by the Dolly Parton Towers.

Well if you are from the Cincinnati are you might know what were am talking about, but if not look to the this site for help (of course after you read this post).

Cincinnati Slang by Carol Rucker, an AOL Travel Contributor

Growing up in Ohio and not in Cincinnati one did here the slang in other parts of the state.

Wait hold on time to pause, does Cleveland also have its own slang? Yes the “C” city does

Cleveland Slang Keith Ahearn, an AOL Travel Contributor

Now does Columbus have its own slang? Yes and it is a newish band

Now back to Cincinnati.

What does Cincinnati have going for the traveler. Well it does have a great museum center in the Cincinnati Museum Center. A great art museum in the Cincinnati Art Museum. There is also a great zoo. Are we going to go these great places while on the River Run? Nope! That is not the point of the trip at all. It is to see the Ohio River and travel to all the place along the way.

Thinking of Cincinnati gets one thinking of paddle wheel boats and Mark Twain. The city is like any other American city. It has it vast greatness and it vast ugly. The skyline of Cincinnati is great with the tall buildings, bridges, and river. Even if one prefers the skyline of mountains and fields this skyline is impressive. One wonders what the skyline looked like back in the days of Mark Twain and the big ships going down the river.

During the trip we hope to get good pictures that will capture the feeling of this city. We know this will not do justice to the people and experiences of the city, but it might show outsiders what the feeling of the city is.

What will the city hold for us? Were will we go in the city for new adventures. Stay tuned.

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