The Echo Restaurant

orr 3 old styleEcho Restaurant

3510 Edwards Rd Cincinnati, OH 45208-1302

Sometimes all one wants is a good meal at a nice place, nothing fancy, and nothing overdone, or overpriced. The Echo Restaurant located in the Hyde Park Neighborhood of Cincinnati is one of those places. It’s a friendly place with good food.

Entering the Echo Restaurant one seats themselves (at least we did when we visited). Then a friendly waiter or waitress comes over and takes your order. Not sure how long the wait staff has been at the Echo, but they give you the feeling they know what they are doing. The food on the menu is your standard diner fare and more. For breakfast there are waffles, omelets, hot mess (look for it), hotcakes, brunch items, biscuits and gravy, and even healthier items. The real test of a place like this is the breakfast. They have to have a good breakfast or they are not worth going to. We ordered half a waffle, potato cakes, biscuits and gravy, and yogurt with fruit. The breakfast came in a short amount of time and was filling. The fruit and yogurt were a big size and could have been a meal by itself. The big bowl of gravy had a nice flavor and the biscuits were cooked well.  The breakfast had a good price. This is the two things that make the Echo great, good food and not a long wait. Simple yet effective.

The staff was friendly and seemed to give the right amount of attention. The test for the right amount of service at a place like this is to order coffee. See if the server does not fill your coffee, so the cups goes empty, or the server is constantly pestering you. At the Echo the server did neither of these and took the happy medium, where the coffee is filled but you do not feel bothered. To be a matter of fact the coffee was happily filled each time with a smile.

The morning we went there were people meeting for business meetings, friends, neighborhood folks, families, and of course us the tourists. The feeling of the Echo is one of a neighborhood place where people meet when they want to talk over a nice priced meal. The Echo is not fancy, so if you only like fancy food places, you’re not going to like the Echo, but if you like good food you’re going to love it. Maybe in this day and age of hipster gentrification places taking over neighborhoods The Echo is needed more than ever (oh and hipsters probably go to The Echo along with everyone else).

A place that just serves good food.









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