The American Sign Museum

orr 3 old style

1330 Monmouth Street, Cincinnati OH

The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati is a small museum well worth the visit. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday. When we visited our admission price was $15 a person. It is free for children under 12 and reduced for the military and seniors. This might seem like a lot to pay for a museum, but there is a trick. The trick is to go the museum when one of the tours is happening. This way your admission will include the tour. So, plan to visit the museum when a tour is happening. The tours are well worth it

The museum is full of signs and sign parts. The museum arrow sign tells the history of signs from painted signs to neon signs. It talks about how signs are made and the different parts. You see some cool movie posters and signs on glass. You also see some great signs made of metal. Part of the museum is designed to look like a street filled with signs. Everywhere are some of the most iconic signs like Big Boy, Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson’s, Mail Pouch, and more. The museum also has lots of neon signs and information about neon.

Taking the tours, as suggested before is best, this way you get to learn about each sign and most important you might get to tour the sign shop. Take a tour on weekdays to see the sign shop in action. The sign shop is actually a separate business from the museum. The shop is called Neonworks of Cincinnati. They make, sells, and repair neon signs. When you take the tour you can see how neon signs are made, from the bending of the tubes to the filling with gas. This is one the best parts of the tour. The tour really gives great information about how neon and neon signs work.

The museum is a hidden gem in Ohio, (well maybe not too hidden it has been on television shows) where you get a great deal of information about American history told through signs. This museum is one that will not take long to experience, so everyone should have a change to visit it. When you see the museum you will not be disappointed. So follow the signs to The American Sign Museum.



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