The Hippest Trip in America

One of the greatest joys in life is having the time to devour a book in a short period period time. I just finished The Hippest Trip in America: Soul Train and the Evolution of Culture & Style by Nelson George. Which would not seem like a book that had any connection to Ohio, but it does. On page 185 of the book it talks about our own Ohio city of Dayton and the music scene there years ago. The page talks about the band Lakeside, Ohio Players, and Slave, Roger and Zapp. It not a long section on Dayton, but it does mention the there was a funk music scene in Dayton.

So to explore the funk scene in Dayton here are a few links.

WYSO – Boogie Nights: A History Of Funk In Dayton

Now with more research this is found

I guess it is getting heated to bring a museum to Dayton, now three groups are at it and at each other

I thought FUNK was supposed to bring people out together and have a good time, Love, Peace, and Soul!

No matter what happens having a place to showcase Dayton and Funk would be good.

So in closing, you never know the connections you will find in the strangest places.

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