William Henry Harrison Tomb

orr 3 old style

William Henry Harrison Tomb

Rating ***

41 Cliff Rd, North Bend, OH 45052



December 15 – March 1

March 2 – December 14
All daylight hours

The Harrison Tomb is located in Cleves about 16 miles west of Cincinnati. The tomb is an easy hour or less stop. It is a tomb as the title says, and yes Harrison and his family are buried there. The tomb is set in the top of a hill overlooking the Ohio River. On top of the hill is a large obelisk monument to the president.  One can walk around the tomb and then climb up the steps or take the accessible route up to see the graves. Slightly down the road are a few displays with information about the life and times of the man. The view from the tomb is spectacular and worth a visit just for the sights of the river.

The whole monument is very picturesque.

P1016019_marked P1016034_marked

This site is not overdone or complicated but is a nice place to visit.



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