William Howard Taft National Historic Site

orr 3 old style

William Howard Taft National Historic Site

2038 Auburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219


The William Howard Taft National Historic Site sits atop a hill in Cincinnati. The house at the park was the one Taft was born and grew up in. There is a small museum explaining some aspects of Taft’s life. Next door there is the Taft house which is seen by guided tours leaving every half hour. Check their website, so you do not miss the last tour. Taking the tour is a must as more information about Taft and his family is displayed in the house. Missing out on the house is missing out on lots of the information displayed in the park.  The tours will explain Taft’s early life and house then you will have time to see the displays. What is nice about this park it not only tells of  William Howard Taft, but also Taft’s family and relatives. This site is nice because you will learn a few facts about Taft you did not know before. The park will take about an hour to experience,  so this park is a great addition to any day. If you want to learn about presidential history this park is nice place to learn a few facts, do not miss it.



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