The Land of Grant

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This review is for three places because they could easily be done in an afternoon, while you are driving down the Ohio River. These places also work well together in telling the story of Ulysses S. Grant’s early life.

  • U.S. Grant Birthplace Historic Site
  • U.S. Grant Boyhood Home
  • Grant School House

Here is a picture of a map that was displayed at each or one of the sites.


Each Site has its own fee to enter and hours, so check their sites. We mentioned in and earlier post that getting and Ohio History Connection membership will save you money at each historic site. Our suggestion is to get a membership, most include a guest and if you visit each site you will paying yourself back for some or all of the cost of the membership in your savings.

Addresses and Links

Grant Birthplace
1551 State Rt. 232, Point Pleasant, OH 45153–historic-sites-by-name/grant-birthplace

US Grant Boyhood Home
219 East Grant Avenue, Georgetown, OH 45121–historic-sites-by-name/grant-boyhood-home

Grant Schoolhouse
508 S Water St, Georgetown, OH 45121


Each site is managed by the Ohio History Connection, a local organization, or a conjunction of both. This makes each site able to be done with the membership program. Having local people take an interest in these sites is what makes them great. When you go to them you get a sense that each person there has taken and interest in Grant and his life. At each site you can take a tour and then look at the displays. None of the sites will take a long time, but each will have something to learn from. The sites do have some events each year and lots of local flavor. You can see the places restored to how they once were and some displays of artifacts of the period the building is restored to represent.  The sites are not big, but pack a lot of information. Each site is pretty easy to find and has free parking. You will learn about Grant’s family and their business, early American school, local people of importance, and about the life of President Grant.

After going to each site, one really understands they must be done together because this way you get the full effect of learning about Grant’s early life.


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