Our House Tavern

orr 3 old style

432 1st Ave, Gallipolis, OH 45631


Our House Tavern is a tavern museum; yes you probably already knew this by the name. The Tavern gives tours and showcases the history of the site. The tours are great. You walk through the tavern and hear about how each room was used. The rooms are fully decorated with period furniture and artifacts. There is a ton to see. This really helps one to understand the history behind the building. The top floors are filled with artifacts and historical information. The tour includes seeing the tavern, tap room, ballroom, bedrooms, summer kitchen, landscaped gardens, and even an attic. What is nice is the tour guide will show you around and explain everything in great detail. If you go on a week day in the summer, probably you will be able to take a tour with very few people, which will be nice. Be prepared to walk up steps and the building has different floors. This site is a great way to see how an old tavern would have been set up and used. It shows how and where a traveler would have stayed. There is some much to see in this historic site, you will not be disappointed.

Tip: See Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette’s gold jacket which had a long journey from France to a small museum on the Ohio River. Read the story in Gretchen A. Duling’s book “Journey of the French Coat: Adventures in the Wilds from Fort Niagara to the Our House Tavern”

Our House Tavern

Our House Tavern


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