Cityfolk Update

So not sure why we did not say something earlier as a post (maybe we did on Twitter), but then again we do not always keep up with the place we review. That is not the point in reviewing a place. That is why we give the the website and address to you for you to do some investigating before you explore the place in person.

Cityfolk was a great organization, yes was. Cityfolk had many of the same problems of other arts organizations, and this was finances, or lack of them. It is hard to keep an organization going. So Cityfolk is no more, which is really old news by now, but just in case you did not know here are a few articles to give you a better idea of what happened. Maybe some day it can rise again, keep hope alive.


Our Review from 2010/07/13

Rank *****


Quick Review: Great music from around the world.

Cityfolk located in Dayton is an arts organization that hosts many concerts, dances, and a summer music festival. Since 1980 Cityfolk has grown to include some great lineup of artists each year. Cityfolk hosts many series a year with the highlights being a Celtic series and World Rhythms series. The acts that Cityfolk books are well know acts from the music world. These concerts are presented in many different venus around Dayton.   This gives a person lots of places to see a concert. The tickets are reasonably priced and they offer senior, student, explorer and group sales discounts.

Cityfolk also hosts many contra dances each year with dances the first Friday of the month, September through May (except December). This allows many people to experience dances that they would not otherwise have a opportunity to do.

One highlight of Cityfolk’s year is their annual Cityfolk Festival. The festival is hosted in downtown Dayton at Riverscape Metro Park ever July 4th weekend. The festival is free and open to the public. The festival houses two stages, street performers, kids activities, cultural events, material cultural events, storytelling, demonstrations, food vendors, and many other activities. The festival also coincides with the city of Dayton fireworks. One great thing about the festival is that each year there is different material culture showcased. Different artists present themed material culture each year. Each year the theme ranges from quilts, puppets, or paper crafts. The artists also give demonstrations about their artwork. The festival also has a wide range of musical artists on the stages.  The three day festival is full of different acts, some are great for listening to and some great for dancing to. Cityfolk festival gives lots of space with a dance floor for dancing The nice part is that the festival encourages dancing.  The acts are well know and top rated.  The festival is a weekend full of activities for the young and young at heart.  The festival is great and one can support it at

If you do not want to support the festival, but instead want to support Cityfolk overall, you can do it at

Cityfolk is a great organization that brings great music and fun times that would not be possible with it.

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