City Series

After the Ohio River Run Series is over we will be reviewing some of the great cities, towns, counties, villages, and unincorporated areas of Ohio. This will give us a way to highlight some of our past reviews and also some places we have been to, but not reviewed, or just places we think are great. The posts will be done as lists, not top ten lists, rankings, or even ten items. Ranking places or items is not really that helpful, what really makes number one better than number two? Rankings are so subjective, so these posts will not be ranks, but lists.  These towns reviewed will be done in a positive way and highlight some things so you can go and make a decision for yourself. Like with our Ohio River Run series we want to encourage others to get out and explore and go to places they never knew about or liked. We will highlight some areas with our reviews that are good to go to for a trip, either long or short.


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