City Series: Dayton

city series

(This is going to be a little haphazard, but it will be giving good information)


The Gem City

Birthplace of Aviation

Dayton is known as a city of invention. Once home to the Wright Brothers, E.T. Fraze, Vincent G. Apple, John Balsley, Rufus Currier Bossard, John Birden and Kenneth Jordan, Frank Caldwell, Charles F. Kettering, Tom Payne, and so many more. Some lived in the areas around Dayton, but Dayton still claims them. The amount of inventions/patients coming from Dayton is outrageous and astonishing. Dayton is really a great place to visit. It offers what many other cities offer museum, theatre, outdoor parks, sports, and art. Dayton is also easy to go to and reasonable to stay in.

Here are some places to visit in Dayton, with links to their sites or our reviews.

Fifth Third Field

Fifth Third Field is home to the Dayton Dragons. This is a great place to go watch a minor league baseball game. The field is right in the downtown area of Dayton and close to parks.

Five Rivers MetroOarks

One of the Parks near Fifth Third Field is RiverScape MetroPark. This park has some great bike paths that run through it. There is an outdoor pavilion at the park that hosts concerts. This park is a nice park in the middle of the city.

The park is part of Five Rivers MetroParks. Five Rivers MetroParks are the park in Dayton and the surrounding area. They are real gems and provide lots of outdoor activities.

The National Museum of the United State Air Force

The National Museum of the United States Air Force is a FREE museum dedicated to the history the Air Force and a History. Our review explains the what is great about this museum, so follow that link. If history, aviation, museums are not your thing, one great activity is license plate counting in the parking lot. You will see plates from all over the country.

Carillon Historical Park

Another great place for history in Dayton is The Carillon Historical Park. This park has some great building relocated from around the area and the Wright Brothers cycle shop. There is also a Heritage Center with lots of exhibits. This is a great park.

The park is run by Dayton History. Dayton History also run other local historical landmarks and buildings.

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

Here is what we said about these parks

A crazy collection of  museums and historical places from around the Dayton area, this park tells the rest of the story of flight. What caused the Wright brothers to create the first airplane in history. Why did they succeed when so many others failed, and how did those failures help them. This is the place to learn.

The Neon

The Neon is a great movie theater in Dayton. This theater has a good rotation of independent and big studio movies. The also host special events.

Dayton is also home to live theatre and the arts. Dayton’s main theatre association is the

Victoria Theatre Association

Some of the plays are performed at the

Benjamin & Marian Schuster Performing Arts Center

Another great theatre company is the

Human Race Theatre Company

Both organizations put on plays, concerts, musicals, touring shows, and special events,  throughout the year.

There are three other arts organizations in Dayton

Dayton Ballet

Dayton Opera

Dayton Philharmonic

The best place to go to learn about these organization is the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance website,

Oh, and do not forget about the

Dayton Playhouse

Dayton also has the an art museum

Dayton Art Institute

Just a little south of Dayton you can also mix your dinner with a show at

La Comedia Dinner Theatre

There are lots of good restaurants in Dayton.

OinkADoodleMoo Smoky BBQ

Smokin Bar-B-Que

That might be all we reviewed and as we do not want to play the best restaurant game, we will leave finding the rest up to you.

Almost forgot the other sports in Dayton.

University of Dayton Flyers

Dayton Demonz Hockey

Dayton Dutch Lions


Is Dayton the biggest city in Ohio, no. Is Dayton the best, well that is for you to find out for yourself. Is Dayton a city that will give you lots to do, for sure.


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