Sports in OH-IO

From the first NFL game to the first professional Baseball team, Ohio has been know as a leader in sports. While it may not win championships every year, it does keeps its many fans excited.


Major League:

Cincinnati Reds:
The Reds are baseball’s first openly professional team
Cleveland Indians:

Minor League:

Akron RubberDucks:
Dayton Dragons:
At over 1051 The Dragons hold the record for “Longest sellout streak of ANY professional sports¬† team in North America”
Lake County Captains:
Lake Erie Crushers:
Mahoning Valley Scrappers:
Toledo Mud Hens:


Major League:

Cleveland Cavaliers:

Minor League:

Canton Charge:


Major League:

Cincinnati Bengals:
Cleveland Browns:

Arena Football League:

Cleveland Gladiators:


Major League:

Columbus Bluejackets:

Minor League:

Cincinnati Cyclones:
Dayton Demonz:
Lake Eire Monsters:


Major League:

Columbus Crew:

Minor League:

Dayton Dutch Lions:

And too many more to list!

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