Ohio Small Business Saturday 2014

Watching television one night and a commercial came on for Small Business Saturday. This got us thinking about all the small businesses we have reviewed and how it would be good if everyone visit one this Saturday. Now, wait what if you can not travel, just visit a small business in your area. Small businesses make America, yes make it. Small businesses are run by individuals, families, and friends. Small business directly have an impact on the employees and owners. By visiting one business you are insuring that you can help out at least one person. Many small businesses are foundations in the fabric of the community. They take out ads in the high school yearbooks, support local sports teams, give money to charities, host birthday and family parties, become community meeting places, and are the Saturdays of our youth. We must support them and any little bit is our way of saying thanks for making our community a better place.

One way you can directly support small business is to visit a flea market. Flea markets are built on small independent people working for their passions. Every turn in a flea market is a new adventure. One place me visited was Trader’s World in Lebanon Ohio.

Small Business Saturday Night Icon

No Saturday out would be complete with some food. Ohio has lots of great restaurants. We reviewed a few great one. There was the Echo Restaurant or Arthur’s Restaurant in Hyde Park section Cincinnati. If you’re in the Columbus area, we reviewed some great places. So check out, Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus, or The Thruman Cafe. Now these two cities are not all of it, there is the Golden Lamb in Lebanon or SumBurger in Chillicothe. Now for many Saturday equals coffee, so if your already in Chillicothe go here, Schlegel’s. Do not forget to travel north to Big Boppers Restaurant. There is also OinkADoodle Moo Barbeque in and around Dayton. Well if you’re in Dayton make sure go to the Hamburger Wagon. Now to finish off your day of eating make to see dinner and a show at La Comedia.

So if food is not your thing (you’re a robot) then you can always check out another kind of small business. We did a review of three fun places to visit in the Cleveland area, one of them is not food related, but all are good to visit this Saturday.

If you do not live or can not visit Ohio you can always find a small business using this website,


or check out more information here,


Let’s say thank you to the PEOPLE who run our small businesses by visiting one this Saturday.

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