Ohio’s License plate

The Ohio State Vehicle license plate has changed greatly over the years. From a white background, or some other solid color, with a single color text to the multiple colors recently used. The plate used today however were not created by a government for a government. The plates of today were designed by an artist and voted on by citizens. Ohio plates for the people by the people!
The design was created by Aaron Roberts, a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design. The words used were voted on by the citizen in an online vote. Some other words were added to make sure that the whole of Ohio was represented. In the end the plates became an interesting way to advertise the great state.
So you don’t have to try reading them while driving the slogans are: With God All Things Are Possible, The Buckeye State, The Heart of It All, Beautiful Ohio, DiscoverOhio.com, So Much to Discover, 1803, Ohio Caverns, 1st Professional Baseball Team, 8 U.S. Presidents, Polymer Capital of the World, 17th State, Lake Erie, Cardinal (state bird), The Horseshoe, Newark Earthworks, Iroquois: Beautiful River, Serpent Mound, America’s Heartland, Home of Edison, Ohio River, State of Perfect Balance, Ohio Has It All, Ladybug (state insect), Hocking Hills, Put-in-Bay, Ohio Pride, Inventors Hall of Fame, Appalachian Plateau, Red Carnation (state flower), White Trillium (state wildflower), Birthplace of Aviation, Underground Railroad, Marietta (1st Settlement), Perry’s Victory, Beautiful Farmlands, Walleye (state fish), Ohio Burgee (state flag), Steel Innovators and Inventors, Adena, Glass City, Rock & Roll, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Johnny Appleseed, Marblehead Lighthouse

Thanks to Columbus Dispatch for the list.  


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