Places to Visit in Ohio in 2015

As the new year approaches, we thought it might be nice to put our semi yearly (well when we remember) list of places to see. We do not always see each place, but we do think about them, well at least we think about them when we write them up. We try to choose places that look interesting. We might pick places readers have been to, thousands of times. We do not care because these are places we have not. We pick big touristy places, small out-of-the-way places, mundane places, important places, and something in-between all this. Oh, and not a top ten list or in order. This is our personal list with reasons.

Places in Ohio to Visit in 2015

Tony Paco’s

This is a Toledo restaurant mentioned on M*A*S*H. This fact alone makes worth one trip. There is more than one in the Toledo area, but the original location seems the best one for the first trip. Hot dogs and chili, it all sounds so good.


Wright Brothers Memorial

This is a must, as it will not take long to see. It is a great way to pay our respects to the ones of flight. This is just another way to look into the history of aviation in Ohio.


Stan Hywet Halls and Gardens

Lets their website explain the place for us:

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is the former American Country Estate of F.A. Seiberling, co-founder of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The estate features a historic 65-room Tudor Revival Manor House, Gothic Revival Conservatory, Gate Lodge (birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous) and approximately 70 acres of artistically landscaped grounds and formal gardens.

This place has daily tours. It would nice to tour this place and get the feeling of this older house. We have not done Akron much (sorry Akron residents), so explore this fine city would be a must.

Topiary Park

This Columbus park would be another fun place to visit. Nice to see a place dedicated to the art of sculpting nature. Nice for a warm spring or summer afternoon.


No, not New Jersey, but Ohio. This city looks like a place to see. Here is one place in the city that looks interesting, National Heisey Glass Museum. Some of Ohio’s smaller town are very fun to visit and explore the  unexpected.

Bill Ireland Library and Museum

This museum is now merged with Ohio University.

They have tours, you can schedule

National Museum of the Great Lakes

This is a new museum from the Great Lakes Historical Society and it is in Toledo. This looks to be a good museum about the history of the Great Lakes and the region.

Cleveland Museum of Art

We have been to many art museums in Ohio and they are all great. So with that said, the Cleveland Museum of Art. In 2015 the Museum will have exhibits on textiles, Jennifer Bartlett paintings, Julia Wachtel paintings, photo exhibits, and many other exhibits, so this place is a must.

This looks like a good start to many adventures.


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