The McKinley Presidential Library & Museum

and memorial.

800 McKinley Monument Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708

The McKinley Museum and Library is a great museum that tell the history of the area President McKinley called home.

The McKinley Museum and Library is a hands on history and science museum with a planetarium located in Canton, Ohio. The upper floor of the museum tells the story of Stark County and President McKinley. There are many interesting artifacts and historical information about the county and also some of the county’s inventions. The museum does have a room dedicated to President McKinley with lots of artifacts. This was a wealth of information in this level of the museum. One could spend much time reading all the information. The best part of the level was the Streets of Shops, a traditional old timey street with a model train in the back. The shops are nice because many of them have audio that accompanies them. The shops also vary in type, so there is much to see.  The train is large has lots to look at. These two areas are one of the best parts of the museum.


The museum also has a science section in the lower level. This section has lots of exhibits on the natural world of Ohio, past and present. There are lots of live animals to see and hands on activities. There is also a section of strictly hands on science stations. These stations are very good because they allow a person to really see science in action. You can see a touch live tornado or become a weather man on television, just to name a few of the stations. These stations are not only for the kids, so adults will have fun too.

The museum does also house the Hoover-Price planetarium. The planetarium is included with the price of admission, but is not open all days of the week (weekends, mostly). So if you want to go to the planetarium show, go on the weekend.

Plan on spending a few hours at this museum and more if there are kids. Kids will want to spend more time in the hands on sections.

The McKinley Museum is open year around. The McKinley Memorial, located on the property, is not. The memorial is only open April 1 – November 1. This memorial is the final resting place of the president. One can walk up the many steps during the winter, but will not be able to go inside. This is still okay as it is still an impressive site to see.


The McKinley Museum and Library is a great museum that tells the history of the area President McKinley called home.


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