Ohio’s Great 8: Ohio’s Presidents Still in Ohio

8 United States Presidents are from Ohio, but only 5 returned to stay forever. The memorial grave sites are great places to visit

William H Harrison Tomb

William H Harrison Tomb

William Henry Harrison: William H. Harrison was the 9th president. Having only spent a month in office he is famous for having the shortest presidency to date. He was to returned to his family estate in North Bend. He was more than his presidency and there are lots of places in Ohio to learn about the man.

The tombstone marking the graves of President and Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes.

Rutherford B. Hayes tomb

Rutherford B. Hayes: Hayes was the 19th President. During his tenure he saw an end to reconstruction and added the Resolute Desk to the White House. He is interred in Spiegel Grove at his Presidential Museum and Library.

Garfield 2015ror

James A. Garfield tomb

James A Garfield: The 20th president, following fellow Ohioans U.S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes. His presidency lasted only 200 days as he was gunned down on July 2, 1881 . Garfield’s tomb is one of the great lookout points in all of the state. It over looks large sections of Cleveland and Lake Erie.

IMG_0575 ror2015

William McKinley tomb

William McKinley: As the 25th president McKinley over saw the Spanish – American War. He was killed 6 months after his second election while at the Pan-American Exposition. His tomb is located outside of his library in Canton, Ohio.

Harding -2015 ror

Warren G. Harding tomb

Warren G Harding: The 29th president and the first president elected after the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote nationwide. From appointing the Ohio Gang to Teapot dome, His presidency was riddled with controversy and scandal. He died of heart failure before his first term had ended. His tomb is located in Marion, Ohio.

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