Cleveland History Center (former Western Reserve Historical Society History Center)

Now the Cleveland History Center

10825 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44106

The Western Reserve Historical Society is more than just a museum. For this article we are only reviewing the museum. The museum contains many parts. Some of them are temporary exhibits and some are permanent areas.

The museum is one of the hidden gems of the Cleveland Area. It is a very good way to learn about the history of the Cleveland area. The museum has something for all tastes. Kids will love the kid’s area and adults might like the classic cars.

The upstairs area of the museum houses lots of aviation memorabilia and other interesting artifacts. The downstairs houses Crawford Aviation Collection. This collection has cars that range from old to newer. There are race cars, porotype cars, and your typical classic car. This was an area that one can walk around in for a while. Even a non-car person would find something to love.

The museum does give tours of the Hanna & Mckinney House, which is housed inside the museum. There are tours daily to see the house. Tours are included in admission. The house is set up with rooms that represent different historical periods. Having the tour lead by a tour guide is a good idea because you learn so much more about the house than if you went on your own. The house is a great place to see how people once lived, especially how the well to do lived. Make sure to sign up in the gift shop for a house tour as early as possible. The tours are limited and can fill up fast.

This museum is bigger than it lets on from the outside. You snake down one exhibit hall to another, with more to see. The Browns area is great, probably better if you are a true browns fan, but it is nice to see the history. The invention exhibit area was another great exhibit. It was nice to see some local inventions. It is hard to talk about museum exhibits in a review, as they might change, but these two exhibits were fun to see. If they are any indication of what they museum can do then other exhibits will be amazing.

There is also a grand carousel to ride. This carousel comes straight out of 1910. The ride was once a major attraction at Euclid Beach Park. After 45 years in storage, the horses have come back to life.  We cannot do the carousel justice in our description, so after your done reading this review hop on over to the carousel’s website page.

If you’re coming to Cleveland put the Western Reserve Historical Society History Center on your itinerary, you will find something new to learn.

Call beforehand and time your visit to go along with when a house tour is happening. This way you can see the museum after or before your tour and not have to wait around. This museum does cost along with a separate parking fee. Two carousel rides are included with admission.


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