The Old Mohawk Restaurant

819 Mohawk Street Columbus, Ohio 43206

We were on a trip back from Cleveland and were traveling through Columbus, so we needed food to consume. We looked up a place in Columbus we had not been to and then mapped the place out on the phone. The phone told us where to go, we were not really paying attention to which part of Columbus we were traveling in, so we got a shock. We were in the German Village, and a part of the Village we had been through many times. We have passed the Old Mohawk Restaurant many times, but never ate there. We like this type of restaurant, a good food, no nonsense, neighborhood type of place.

The menu at the restaurant is very diverse. There are great salads, soups, pastas, sandwiches, daily specials, and lots of appetizers. The menu has something for everyone, even the non-meat person.

When we went it was a week day and little after the lunch hours. The place was full of people, but there were tables available. The nice thing was that we seated quickly. We were helped quickly and our food came in a normal amount of time. The atmosphere is an eclectic neighborhood feel or one of those places you can come back to.

We ordered sandwiches were very tasty, well prepared and had just the right amount bread to meat ratio. We also enjoyed the chips, not sure if they were house made or not, but they were good. The prices were reasonable. We like that the food was not overly fancy, just good food made fresh.

The Old Mohawk Restaurant is one of those restaurants you come back to each week or make a point to stop by when you’re in town. The restaurant has good food and a great atmosphere.  If you’re in the German Village area of Columbus make sure to stop by when you hear you stomach growling.

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