The Wright Brothers

A new book is coming out about the Wright Brothers. Guess what the book is called? The Wright Brothers and it is by David McCullough. The book is coming out in May (2015). McCullough if you do not know is an author that writes about history. We are going to do another post about books about Ohio, but for now this will be a single post. We want to make sure we put the news out. Also if you visit the publishers site, there are some good videos related to the book. You can get the book at most libraries. It is also available from many libraries as an electronic book (ebook). In some areas expect to be on a wait list if you hold it, we are number 25, so check around for it and get on the wait list or go ahead and buy the book.

The Wright Brothers aBy David McCullough

This book is also being made in to an HBO miniseries by none other than Tom Hank’s Playtone. They are the people who made Band of Brothers, The Pacific, From the Earth to the Moon, and teamed up with McCullough to make John Adams a miniseries.

We were not paid by or even have any contact by the publish or author, we just like letting you know about books that deal with Ohio. We also were not paid or contacted by the libraries of America, we just love going to libraries.


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