Ohio Road Trips

This post has been hanging around for a while, so now we decided to publish it.


Is it the time of the year for a road trip?

Yes, late Summer and Fall is a nice time to take a road. The weather is not blaring hot and humid or frigid cold with lots of snow. Fall is a beautiful time to take road trip in Ohio.

Here are some that we recommend.

The first is the one we did the summer of 2014. This trip could be easily done in the Fall as most of the stops (or all) the stops are open all year-long.

1. Ohio River Run Travel along the Ohio River region of Ohio.

Another one is

2. Ohio State Route 725- this one can be done as a day trip or longer if you venture off this road a little and see the sites of Dayton or take a hike in one of the parks along the way.

3. Lake Erie Excursions – Travel from Toledo to Cleveland around Lake Erie, if you go early enough you could visit Cedar Point, if that is your thing. This trip was done in the winter, but you could do it in the summer and add days and do the islands on Lake Erie.

These trips are good and pack lots, but of course, there is always things missing and more you could do.



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