Cryptozohio: by the waters

Cryptozohio - Stories from the Depths

Ohio was settled along the banks of it many lakes and rivers. Like the early settlers who stayed by the water, so do many of Ohio’s strange creatures.

Indescribable Octo-man: As the name says this Ohio River creature is a grey half man half octopus. The creature was first seen and reported in 1959. Some say it might have been just a tree branch floating down river. Some say it might have been a stranded alien. As the hysteria around the being grew the Cincinnati area fell into monster fever. Newspapers in the area reported more sightings and more sightings were made. Some might have seen the creature, some might have just seen a way to get famous.

Loveland Frog: One of the most well know creatures in Ohio. The “Frog” is a 4 – 6 foot tall creature that has the skin of a frog, but stands on two feet like a man. The creature was first reported in 1955 along the rivers of the Little Miami. The second time it was seen was almost 17 years later. A police officer witnessed the creature dart across the road in front of his vehicle. A few days later another police officer had a similar encounter, this time firing on the creature.

Crosswick Monster: A reptilian creature similar to the Loveland Frog, the Crosswick Monster also lives along the banks of the Little Miami River near Waynseville . First reported in the 1800’s, the monster was said to be 12 – 14 feet high, 30 foot long, with the appearance of a snake with legs. While creatures are still seen in the area, mostly around Ceasar Creek, they are believed to be mammalian. Some of the modern sightings are attributed to visitors not use to the animals of the area.

Charles Mill Lake Monster: A large, armless, hairless, creature with web feet. The creature does not live near the Little Miami, but almost 100 miles away. It was first spotted in 1959 by a trio of young men. Only spotted once more, in 1962, the creature was said to be one of the strangest ever seen.

Bessie: With a lake the size of Erie it is seems that a monster is almost a requirement.  Lake Erie’s Bessie seems to fit the bill. She hails from the southern shores around the islands and Sandusky area. As with most large lake creatures, Bessie is a serpent. The creature 30 – 40 foot long with a  grey – green skin. First reported in the 1793 and over the next 100 years. Sightings of the creature have died off but interest in the beast has not with a hockey team, a beer, and a cartoon creature from a hit tv show being named after it.

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