Bills Donuts

268 N Main St, Centerville, OH 45459

Bill’s Donuts in Centerville is one of the best donut shops in Ohio according to the USA Today and Yahoo. Open 24 hours in the heart of Centerville, Bill’s has become a landmark. After football games and major events the place has lines out the door, and yet is worth the wait.

The donuts at Bills are fresh made in the kitchen, which can be seen when entering from the parking lot. During busy times the most popular ones will have tray after tray brought out fresh every hour. The standard donut fare, glazed, powder, plain, or chocolate have a place at Bill’s, but so do the premium peanut butter, cinnamon roll, and pretzel. Like the building, and the iconic box they come in, the donuts at Bill’s are nothing trendy. No cronuts or bacon toppings, just good old donuts. Along with donuts Bill’s also has Italian Sodas, coffees, cookies, muffins, and so much more.

While there may be a line next time at Bill’s Donuts in Centerville, it will be worth the wait for one of Americas top donuts.


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