Places to Visit in 2016

This type of list is not new for us. We like to find places to visit. Some places we visit again because of additions and some places we list and never visit. Our lists are not top ten or in any kind of order.

Here are some places we think you might to visit in 2016.

It seems that now all over Ohio new planned lifestyle center, mixed use, outdoor shopping areas are being built. Austin Landing is no different. So to visit this type of place seems really odd. It is more than just chain stores and big box stores. There are a few hidden gems and local stores. Some local stores open a new location there with a twist. It is nice to go to a area like this because they tend to get restaurant or store chains first in an area. So not really a destination, but a place to stop by if your in the area.

National Museum of the US Air Force is expanding into a fourth hanger. This has been a long time coming. The website says June 2016 for the opening. The museum is a great place to visit and one really great Ohio attractions. Now with all the newly moved aircraft and exhibits, this fourth hanger should bring even more to love about the museum.

The Ohio River and the steamboat go together, so this memorial makes sense. This memorial is free and can be seen while doing other activities in Cincinnati.

Another shopping area to visit. No, we are not rich, many times we just walk and window shop. This is a great area to just walk around. If you have a hunger, there are lots of food places and if you want to shop, they have that also. This area has lots of events and lots to see and do.

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is  best explain by their website.

Stan Hywet is Akron’s first and largest National Historic Landmark, and is also the nation’s 6th largest historic home open to the public. It is an accredited museum of the American Alliance of Museums, one of only 26 in Ohio and one of only 776 in all of the United States. The Estate includes five historic buildings and eight historic gardens on 70 acres. The collections and furnishings in the Manor House are all original.

This is the type of place that would be great to see all year around, but if you want to see it decorated fancy, then Christmas time might be the time.

This museum and shop are all about the carver and his creations. This would be a nice place to visit and learn about wood carving.

This is on the list because we feel like we just go around and around and never really see what this city has to offer. So it seems like this city is a must. As mentioned before Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is located here and so is a zoo, art museum, and more.

We think this one stands to make sense to visit. An Observatory and some weeks their is stargazing open to the public. Lots of events at the Observatory, so something always worth visiting.

It might seem crazy or morbid to visit a cemetery, but it is not. It can be a nice way to spend an afternoon on a clear summer’s day or a brisk winter morning. This is the 2nd largest cemetery in the country and is recognizes as an historic landmark. There are lots of historical figures buried here.

Fish and Fish and More. This Aquarium has lots of your standard animals, but also some galleries dedicated to Ohio.




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