Winter Hiking in Ohio

Last week, we did a video repost for Ohio DNR with some hiking tips for the Winter. Now lets look at some of the places we have done posts on that would make great places to go hiking in the Winter.

One great and expansive park is Husteon Woods. Husteon woods is located in southwestern Ohio and is nearly 3,000 acres. Another great park in this half of the state is Ceasar Creek with 43 miles of trails . There are many great trails in the park. Near Logan there is Hocking Hills another great park. The only national park in Ohio is Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This park is excellent for hiking. If your in the Dayton area you can visit one of the many Five Rivers Metro Parks. These metro parks each has something different to offer.

These are some of the parks we have reviewed on the site. This does not mean this is all of the park with great hiking in Ohio. This is only a small amount of the great hiking spots. It is great to walk in the woods on a crisp, snow covered winter day.

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