Boston Stoker Coffee Co.

Review ****


More than one location so see the website for locations in Dayton and Columbus area –

It is hard to review coffee shops, since there seems to be one on every corner and in every grocery store. Coffee isles at the grocery store, also seem to be overflowing. What we did want to do is highlight one company that is making a quality product in this crowded world of coffee and tea.

Boston Stokers started out selling cigars, hence the name Stoker. Since then Boston Stoker has become the premier coffee roasters and coffee shops in the Dayton area. What is nice about going to these coffee shops is you know your supporting something local. You also know your buying from a company that not only takes pride in making a good product, but also looks to get their coffee from quality partners around the world. Boston Stokers is more than just a coffee shop, they roast their own beans.

The coffee shops shops have a nice atmosphere. The coffee is prepared correctly and with good service. Now it does vary between locations and time you go in there, so reviewing all location is not really appropriate. So, we just will let you see for yourself. The coffee shops are great locations to hang out in or just to grab a quick cup of coffee. Many of the locations have drive-thru, so you can grab you drinks even quicker. These coffee shops are able to compete with the national brands that have come to the Dayton area. So if your an out of town and just have to have your national coffee shop (you know the name) fix, do not worry Boston Stokers will do the trick.

You can order coffee, tea, or merchandise directly off there website, at one of their locations, or at many grocery stores. They have many different flavors of each. You will be able to get the product for everyone in your household.

Maybe going to a coffee shop seems mundane, but do not think that and try out Boston Stokers.

Extra fact: They do still sell cigars, if that is your thing.




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