Ohio Food: An Update

SODAWe are not sure if we ever did an Ohio Food post, but we wanted to do something to highlight how we feel about Ohio and the food of Ohio. Maybe we just like to eat and dream about food. This is our present, a nod to our past, and a look to our future.

We like to go to restaurants that are local, “Mom and Pop”, and low key. You know, diners, cafes, greasy spoons, places that have been around for a while or new to the scene. Places that might be the only one or might have a sister or brother restaurant. Places the locals like and want to return to.  Not that high priced celebrity chef style restaurants are not good, but we tend to say those for other reviews. Well wait, these days lots of restaurants have tv chefs or have been featured in one show or another. So basically, we go to restaurants that speak to us as being a good place to get a meal, but not too fancy.


So to start off your day, make sure to get your coffee or tea. In this case you can also get a cigar with your coffee. One place we love is Boston Stokers. Boston Stokers is a Dayton based coffee chain. We like them for a good local coffee feeling. What we aim to do now is search out other local coffee companies and shops.

One we did search out was Schlegel’s Coffee House in Chillicothe. It was another good place to eat and get coffee. Make sure to pick up some puffcorn while you are there.


Donuts go great with your coffee, so if your in the Dayton area, check out Bill’s Donuts. Bill’s makes great donuts.

Restaurants and More

The have been a few places in Columbus we have liked. One of those is the Old Mohawk Restaurant. We passed this place many times when driving and then did a search for a place to eat in Columbus. This place came up and we went then realized where we were. Another place in the German Village area of Columbus is Schmidt’s Sausauge Haus. This place makes great German food. We have eaten there many times. Now if we are in Columbus and want a hamburger or a hot dog, their is two places we have reviewed. For a hamburger we went to The Thurman Cafe. This place has a good burger. For the hot dog we went over to Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace. This place is a fun place to get a great hot dog, done so many different ways.

If your not around Columbus another place for a burger we went to was SumBurger. This place is in Chillicothe. So if your not there, maybe your close to The Hamburger Wagon in Miamisburg.

There was one place, we had thought about and researched for months or even years, before we went. This place was Tony Packo’s. This Toledo place does some really tasty food. We loved the place so much we bought souvenirs, which is not something we always do.

Now if we are in Toledo, it is not that far really to drive on over to Cleveland. Cleveland has great food scene. One place we check out was the Westside Market. This place is jam packet with lots of food vendors from farms to meat markets. You can get just about whatever you want. Looking through our post, we realized we have not eaten at enough Cleveland restaurants, so that definitely is in our future plans.

Cincinnati is also a great place for restaurants. We like The Echo Restaurant  and found the place to be really easy going and a great breakfast place. We also went to Arthur’s Restaurant in Cincinnati.

Now we did not only go to those cities, we also went to Dayton. We sampled some good BBQ at OinkADoodleMoo Smoky BBQ.   This a small chain and we don’t normally review chains, but this one was good.

You could search out Big Boppers in Marblehead. This place if a good eat.

We also highlighted a place we have been going to for years, the historic Golden Lamb. This is a great special occasion place, so make reservations. This is a place that is not fancy or overdone, just gets busy.

We have sampled some good comfort food also. One group of restaurants we love for this is the Der Dutchman.

We even sampled some Ohio beers. We not really sampled but highlighted. If beer is not your thing maybe chocolate is and Esther Price Candy is great. We also went to and went to Jungle Jim’s a very large international grocery store.

And and More

We do have some future Ohio type foods we want to explore more. One is Cincinnati chili. Yes, Cincy does it differently. Ohio Amish food is another we want to highlight more. Ohio has this kind of fried chicken called Barberton Chicken and it intrigues us to try it. We also want to try some good local bakeries. We also want to get some good Greek, German, or Hungarian food and we know Ohio has some good places for this. Another thing we want to highlight Ohio food business, orchards, farms, and farmers markets.

So there it is our Ohio food past, present and future. Here is to happy eating and local food!

Eat up! You are looking a little hungry!