Miami Valley Bike Trails

May is National Bike Month.

There are many bike trails in Ohio. We decided to highlight one group of trails, not sure our post title will do it justice as really we will be expanding the review to include other areas than just the Miami Valley. We are also doing a short post.

Address: Different places in the Miami Valley and surrounding counties.




With the Wright Brothers owning a cycle shop, one would hope the Miami Valley has some great bike trails and it does.

One of the best things to do when the weather is nice is to bike ride. Bike riding is a great way to see a city or countryside in a different way than in a car. This can be a great way to get exercise in with out really realizing your exercising. People and pets use the trails and not everyone is biking. People are skating, walking, skateboarding, scootering, running, hopping, pog sticking, unicycling, pushing strollers, and much more. You also will see all ages, ability levels, and levels of fitness. Really parts of the trails are under used and parts are more crowded. The trails are really something everyone, yes everyone, should use them.

If you ride the bike trails in the Miami Valley you will come across a sign that says that the Miami Valley Trails are the largest network of paved trails in the nation. There are something like 330 miles of trails. The trails are not really one trails, but a network of trails. One could ride from Columbus to Dayton to Cincinnati, with only a few connections needed where you not on a trail. We have not done this to test out our theory, but from looking at maps once can see the possibility. What is great about the trail network is the trails are different. You can go on trails in cities, near rivers and on old rail lines. It is really hard to describe in words the scenery of the different trails. This is really a great way to see beautiful Ohio.

If you do not have a bike do not worry there are bike rentals available. You can get bike rentals throughout cities on the trail. After you finish reading go here: Each shop has it own policies and prices, a call to the shop before going is recommended. It is best to make sure bikes are available before you go. This would be a great activity for out of town guest. These shops along the trail will also fix bikes and flats and sell bikes. A bike shop is also a great way to learn about a local section of the trail.

The trail network also has many hubs. These hubs might have parking, tools, water fountains, and restrooms. If you find where the hubs are you can easily start your ride there.

When using the trails we found it best to have water, wear sunscreen, wear a helmet if biking, and make sure your equipment is working. Yes, just normal bike safety type of things.

Here is a link to some day trips during May:

What is nice about the trail network is you could ride a different section or trail each week and see something different. Your really have so many options. Also the trails are great for commuting and daily usage. The trails are great for day trips or multi day trips. This are campsites along the trails and many hotels in the area. So you could bike and camp or car, hotel, and bike.

A last tip is to visit the trail website to see if there is any closure or construction on the trail.

The Miami Valley Bike Trails website has great resources, maps, and pictures.

So if you looking for a great outdoor activity give the Miami Valley Bike Trails go, you will find something to your liking.








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