Dayton Art Institute


456 Belmonte Park North, Dayton Ohio 45405

The Dayton Art Institute was founded in 1919 and sits atop a hill near the Great Miami River. The museum is clearly visible from the highway. The art museum’s building was completed in 1930. Here is what their websites says about the building.

The museum’s landmark building, designed by prominent museum architect Edward B. Green of Buffalo and completed in 1930, was modeled after the Villa d’Este near Rome and the Villa Farnese at Caprarola in Italy, both examples of sixteenth century Italian Renaissance architecture.

IMG_0435The building is a great to look at in and of itself. You enter into the lobby and can see even more details inside. The galleries are on two floors and surround cloisters and auditoriums. When walking around the museum one can go into some of the cloisters and even imagine some of the gatherings they can hold. These areas are just as artistic as the paintings.

When walking through the many galleries one will see contemporary art and art from long ago. There is art from Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and more. Really some art for everyone and a sample of the world’s art. There seemed to be an abundance of art and galleries. The museum is not overwhelming but still a good size. The size leaves time to make sure to see each gallery and side gallery. There are elevators and easy accessibility throughout. Each gallery is open and not over crowded, so one can really chose the time they want to spend looking at art. You will not feel rushed or pushed along.

There is also an interactive gallery for all ages, it has family in the title, but really anyone will love the space. It changes throughout the year. This space gets your creativity going and really should not be missed. Expect to have some fun.

One should check out the website for upcoming and current exhibits and they change throughout the year. This is one thing that makes the museum great. You can go back again and again.

The Dayton Art Institute is like many of the great art museums in Ohio and is dedicated to art and art’s education. The museum has many programs for children, adults, and families.  Their website even has art projects on it. Well worth a checking out.

The museum also hosts any concerts and performances during the year in their historic NCR auditorium.

The Dayton Art Institute is a great museum with something for everyone. You will not be disappointed when visiting.


  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Check out their website for photography guidelines as you can take photos in some of the galleries
  • Spend time outside looking at the building
  • Schedule over an hour to see it all, if not two or three.
  • Bring a few bucks, there is a suggested admission, but you can the permanent galleries for free if you can not afford the suggested admission.

The Dayton Art Institute is a great museum with something for everyone. You will not be disappointed when visiting.


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