Random Facts About Ohio: 50 more than before

  1. Ohio has 88 counties
  2. Scripps of the National Spelling Bee fame is headquartered in Cincinnati.
  3. Only 2 presidents never gave a State of The Union address. W.H. Harrison and James Garfield. Both die before they needed to.
  4. OCLC from Dublin is in charge of the Dewey Decimal System
  5. Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima built all of the Tanks for the United States Army.
  6. 1865 the steamboat Sultana exploded, killing over 1,700 including 791 Ohioans.
  7. Ted Turner of CNN fame was born in Cincinnati
  8. Ohio has 146 miles of border shared with Canada (or Canada has 235 km of shared border)
  9. Middle Island, the southernmost point in Canada, is 150 meters from the Ohio Border
  10. Grand Lake St Marys was built as a supply feed for the Miami and Erie Canal
  11. It was the high point of the canal, supplying water in both directions.
  12. Grand Lake St Marys is the largest inland lake entirely with in Ohio’s borders
  13. Grand Lake St Marys was the site of the first offshore oil wells.
  14. The 2016 Republican Convention is the 3rd time it has been held in the state of Ohio. The first one was in 1876, the second one in 1936.
  15. The only Democratic convention to be held in Ohio was in 1880.
  16. The only Democrat to be nominated for office from Ohio was James M. Cox. He lost to an Ohioan.
  17. Every Republican from Ohio nominated for president has won the office.
  18. Ohio has had four capitals since 1803. 1. Chillicothe: 1803 – 18092. Zanesville: 1809 – 18123. Chillicothe: 1812 – 18164. Columbus: 1816 – present
  19. The first State Fair was held in Cincinnati.
  20. The fair moved to its current location for the 1874 fair.
  21. the 1896 fair was the first state fair to be electrically lit.
  22. The first Butter cow was in 1903
  23. The Newark Earthworks are the states Prehistoric Monument
  24. State Wildflower: White Trillium
  25. The first Motion Picture projector was invented by Dayton, Ohio native Charles Francis Jenkins
  26. Israel Ludlow help to plan out both Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton
  27. Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton all have a Ludlow Street
  28. The first automobile insurance was purchased in Dayton.  In 1897, resident Gilbert J. Loomis purchased a liability insurance policy from the Travelers Insurance Company.
  29. The first doctor to use an automobile was Dr. Carlos C. Booth from Youngstown in 1897.
  30. On October 19, 1874, the first aerial wedding took place over Cincinnati.
  31. The Vermont, the car Horatio Nelson Jackson took the first drove across the nation in, was Winton Motor Car.
  32. Daytonian Walter Richard Brookins, in 1910, made the first night flight.
  33. The same year he flew to 6,175 feet, making him the first to fly over 1 mile high.
  34. Goodyear built 104 blimps at WingFoot Lake in Akron for the military during WWII.
  35. 1953, Harold Moore, of Cincinnati, and Harry C. Jeffers, of Newark, made the first Alantic Crossing in a Helicopter.
  36. Elektro, the famous robot from the 1939 World’s Fair, was built by Westinghouse in Mansfield.
  37. He is currently on display at the Mansfield Memorial Museum.
  38. John Smith was Ohio’s first senator.
  39. Jeremiah Morrow was the states first Congressperson.
  40. Ohio only had one seat in The United States House of Representatives until 1813. After the it’s first national census in 1810 it gained five more seats for a total of 6.
  41. In 1935 Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Akron.
  42. The site of the first meeting is now a part of Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens.
  43. William Henry Harrison was the first major party candidate from Ohio. He lost the 1836 election to Martin Van Buren. He defeated him in 1840.
  44. The American Society of Materials is housed under a giant Geodesic Dome in  Russell Township,Geauga County.
  45. Between the 1964 Browns’ NFL Championship and the historic 2016 Cavaliers’ NBA Title over 146 different sports seasons had passed with out a win.
  46. That was over 12,660 games with played between titles.
  47. Made a National Monument in 1923, Hopewell Culture National Historical Park is the oldest national park in the state.
  48. Designated on March 25, 2013, Charles Young Buffalo Solider National Monument is the newest.
  49. Miami University is 87 years older than the city in Florida.
  50. The city in Florida was conceived by Cleveland Native Julia Tuttle.

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