David Warther Carvings

IMG_01361775 State Route 39, Sugarcreek, Ohio  44681


David Warther Carvings is a museum/gift shop/workshop/headquarters. It is located in the heart of Ohio Amish Country.  David Warther is a master carver who has been carving since a young age. David comes from a tradition of carving, as his farther, who also has a museum, and grandfather are carvers. The main carvings that he does are ships made of ivory.

The museum is a display of David’s carvings. There is a cost to visit but the building has many spacious rooms. The displays are of ships throughout history. There are boats from ancient Egypt all the way up to the 1900s. The museum offers tours, which is a great way to learn not just about the ships, but also the carving techniques. A lot of the time David Warther himself will show some of his techniques or lead a tour. The museum guests are helped out by magnifying glasses strategically place around the exhibits. You really need these to see all the tiny details. The carvings have lots of tiny scrimshaw, intricately carved pieces, and small work on the ships, which is amazing to look at. When we were at the museum we were able to talk to David and he showed us some of his techniques. You can also see into his workshop and him at work. You get a feel for his passion and his willingness to share, when you go to the museum.

This is truly and not to miss attraction. The museum is easy to navigate. The price is well worth it. You will not be disappointed.


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