CRYPTOZOHIO: Schools and Colleges

Cryptozohio - Stories from the Depths

Do we need to say get permission before going somewhere? We all know trespassing is illegal and we don’t do it.  

Colleges and schools always seem to have strange stories. Is it the students who are experiencing new things wanting to see something legendary? Is it their youthful imaginations acting up? Or is the students who had their best times there never wanting to leave?

Ohio University:
Athens is probably the most haunted area of Ohio, or so the legends go.  College pranks, good times, and the general age of the area have combined to make it seem as if everything there has a story.

Delta Tau Delta, as the legend goes, was said to have stolen a tombstone from a local cemetery. The fraternity had problems of the poltergeist variety until the tombstone was returned. The Sigma Phi Epsilon house is said to be haunted by a the ghost of Nicodemus, a slave on the underground railroad who never made it to freedom. Nicodemus is said to open and slam doors, turn on electronics, move stuff, and even touch some of the house’s residents. The Pi Beta Phi house is the roaming grounds of a small girl who drown in the pool out back. The girl is said to roam the halls and practice her ABC’S. Pools also play a part in the story of the Brown’s House. Millie Brown loved to sit and watch children play, and swim. It is said that she still sits in the window watching, and at times her children can be heard out back splashing in what was the pool.

Almost every major building on campus has a story or two. Washington Hall has an entire high school basketball team inside. The girl’s team died in an accident on the way back from the place and loved it so much they returned there never to leave. Jefferson Hall, Bush Hall, Shively Hall, Voight Hall, Perkins Hall, Crawford Hall, and Culter Hall’s bell tower all have something “living” in them. The College Green that they surround, which is some say is atop an old Indian burial ground, is visited by Stroud, a buffalo from the Civil War. Wilson Hall nearby is considered the most haunted of all. Featured on a few national tv shows, it is said to be at the center of the fabled “Pentagram of Cemeteries” in Athens. Even more haunting places lie outside the campus, such as the Ridges, in nearby Athens County.

The Ohio State University:
The school in Columbus that everyone knows is probably more famous for football than haunts but it too has its share. Mirror lake and Pomerene Hall are hunted by Dr and Mrs Clark. Dr. Clarck committed suicide and his body was found where Pomerene Hall is now located. His wife vowed never to leave his side and now is seen around Mirror lake nearby. She is not alone however, another woman is said to look out over the lake from Pomerene, while a skater is said to float over the lake at night. In Hopkins Hall a girl got stuck in the elevator over night and started writing things on the walls. She survived but was killed a few years after graduation. Students report finding notes related to the event written in weird places throughout the building. The Elevator is also said to be plagued with problems. Herbert Atkinson’s ashes are entombed in Bricker Hall. His spirit is never far off.  Oxely hall is visited every December 17th by a young girl who died there.

One of the most famous events is that of James Snook. Snook was a gold medal Olympic pistol Shooter, and professor. Snook killed his assistant, and mistress, Theora Hix. He was convicted of beating her with a hammer and slitting her throat. He was later executed. His remains are in Columbus’s Green Lawn Cemetery.

Miami University:
Founded in 1809 Miami University is one of the oldest universities in Ohio. Like most colleges has a history of unexplained stories. In Peabody Hall’s room 210 a student committed suicide. A few years later another followed suit. The window shade will blow violently with for no reason, and the ghost of the Halls namesake, Helen Peabody, has been said to roam the halls. May 9th, 1959, a Residence Advisor  was killed trying to break up a fight in Reid Hall. His bloody hand prints would appear from time to time before the building was torn down. Wilson Hall was the site of a former hospital and its residents are said to overturn furniture and move things around.

Haunted Local Schools:
It’s not just colleges that are haunted in Ohio. Some local school districts have haunted schools of their own. Poasttown Elementary School in Madison township was the site of 2 fourth of July train wrecks. The former school is now haunted by the ghost of the children who did not survive.  Williamsburg High School is said to be haunted by many ghost. The library is located where the counties final “Hanging Tree” was located.  A janitor is said to have hung himself, three students jumped out of a window, and a teacher shot himself, all on the third floor. At Stivers School for the Arts in Dayton a teacher that liked to swim weekly was found floating in the pool with a locket containing pictures of her parents and a torn picture of a man. The teachers student aide was not seen after the teacher was found. Some say he was responsible and tore out his picture to protect himself. Others wonder if both were victims of a third-party. To this day the sounds of the teacher can be heard and the classrooms that are now on top of the pool are said to be eerie and cold all the time.

The worst school fire to date was in Collinwoods Ohio. The fire took the lives of 172 students, two teachers, and a rescuer. The fire started when a heat pipe near a wood beam caused the beam to ignite. The tragedy was exacerbated by the fact that the school only had two exits, one blocked by fire, and the other by panicking victims. The school was burned to a hollowed out shell. The State of Ohio paid for the land to be turned into a memorial garden which stands to this day. The students of the tragedy also stayed till today. Smells of burnt wood can sometimes be found at the garden. Strange lights and school children dressed in old-time clothes will also been seen at the site. The bodies of many of the victims are buried at the Lake View Cemetery near by.

This is by no means a complete list. This is just a taste of what lives. or does not live, in the state. Ask any student and you will probably hear a tale or two about the school they go to.


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