Feline Historical Museum

260 East Main Street, Alliance, Ohio


This is one of the most unique museums we have ever been to. First off this museum is in an old bank building. Second the museum’s focus is all felines (cats). The museum is part of The Cat Fanciers’ Association Foundation. It is nice to see this organization has a permanent home to display their collection.


It is really hard to describe everything in the museum, but just think if something has a cat on it, this museum has it. The museum does not have live cats regularly, but does from time to time, so look to their website for dates where they will have live cats, if you really need your cat fix.

The museum proudly displays a Frank Lloyd Wright designed cat house.


The museum also has a nice room with Maneki-Nekos. These are Japanese cat figurines that bring good luck.


The museum also has a really nice library room filled full of books about cats. This room is a nice place to do a little research or just look at the book titles. IMG_0226

This is really a great place to go, even if you hate cats. This place is not a place you will find anywhere else. This museum will not take long, but will keep you busy. This is a place so unique it is a must see.


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