Akron Art Museum


Address: One South High, Akron, Ohio 44308

Website: https://akronartmuseum.org/

Rating: ****

The Akron Art Museum is another one of the great art museums in Ohio. We are always surprised by art museums in the state, some big, some small, all great. The Akron Art Museum has a history like many other museums in the world. The museum was started by many dedicated volunteers, moved a few times, had a fire, moved again, changed focus, acquired more art, and still goes strong today. Okay, maybe that is not the history exactly in order, or the same history, as other art museum. Over the years the museum has switched the focus from all art to art made from 1850 to the present. This museum might be called a modern art museum, but the focus of the museum is not that exact.

dscn2045The museum has lots of glass on the front as you enter. The glass seems added on to the old building, but this gives the museum a very open feeling. The multi levels of the building also add to this feeling.

The old building contains a small gallery dedicated to the older works. The new building houses the newer works and the temporary exhibits. The museum does a good job of having many different exhibits through out the year. The art is well laid out, not to jammed together, not spread out too much. The galleries also contain little postcards to encourage visitors to think about the art or even make some of there own.

Like many art museums, there is a free night or day, once a week or month. When we went the Akron Art Museum was offering free Thursdays. Thursdays were also open later than other days. So check out their website, to see if this is still true. If you gone on a free day, a few dollars in the donation bin is probably a good idea. Also don’t forget to patronize the Museums Gift shop. It has a lot of cool stuff including items specific to the temporary exhibits and local area.


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