Taqueria Mixteca

1609 E. 3rd Street, Dayton, Ohio
2190 Shiloh Springs Road, Trotwood, Ohio


This is a review of the Original Location on 3rd Street
Just down the street from The Wright Cycle Company Complex of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, well across town on the same street, is a small taco joint. Driving there it is easy to pass. The small unassuming building looks a little run down, but at the right time of day too busy for its size. Taqueria Mixteca is one of the best Mexican / Latin American / Taco restaurants in Dayton, if not Ohio.

The food is simple. There are a few dinners on the menu and a good selection of lunch combos. Most of the menu is ala carte. This section of the menu is called Authentic Mexican Market food. As if one is going to a market and just getting a bite to eat. From tacos to nachos to basically any Mexican food one might one is available on the menu. Unlike some of the larger chains, Taqueria Mixteca does not list every item separately by meat, but most of the items just say choice of meat. The choice of meat might be the hardest choice to make. They do offer the simple chicken, steak, and ground beef. They also offer the more traditional tongue, tripe, goat, and chorizo.

The food is authentic. The tortillas are corn, sometimes flour. The tacos are meat and onions. When we went the service was quick. We spent longer deciding what to eat than waiting on food. When we decided to get more tacos the place had filled up and the wait was longer. At the right time the place can become full. It is not a large location. Tables might be hard to find with a large group at dinner time. The size adds to the charm. It feels like the owners got what they could and worried about the food. And the food is the reason it is so popular. It is named Dayton’s Best Mexican Restaurant almost yearly. The locals love it and you will too.

Tip: Google the location or use GPS. It is easy to miss.

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