An update on whats coming up?

During this long winter we at Randomohio Reviews have talked about the great state of Ohio and all it has to offer. We also reviewed a lot of the places we went to this Fall. Now as we sit and wait for the spring/summer opening of the tourist season we thought we would like to update you on a few things we are looking forward to:

The opening of Cedar Point and the Steel Vengeance – The old Mean Streak wooden coaster has been transformed in the the modern Steel Vengeance. The Ride video looks intense.

Hiking one of the many many trails across the state including the great (and sometimes to popular) Old Mans Cave trail.

The New Dinosaur Gallery at COSI – The Center of Science and Industry along with the American Natural History Museum have opened a new Dinosaur Gallery inside COSI

The renovations across the Ohio History Connection Museum network – Ohio History Connection has updated and renovated a few museums across their system and we hope to go to a few including the Herrit Becher Stowe House.

Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice  – Construction on Union Terminal in Cincinnati is going strong and The Cincinnati Museum Center is working to get back up and running.

These are just a few of the things we a re looking forward too as Ohio’s Tourism season opens back up. As always stay tuned to see where we go and what we bring you. It’s bound to be a busy season.


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