The Langsdon Mineral Collection at Mercer County Library (Celina Branch)

303 North Main St.
Celina, OH


The picture we posted for this collection does not do the place justice, we know this. It was hard to get a picture as the collection is all in glass cases. The collection is massive. There is something like 900 minerals in 21 display cases. We went to the Celina branch, so this number could be for the collection through out the library system, but still there were tons of minerals on display. The minerals were donated by Ron & Ruth Langsdon. This is part of their collection of minerals.

Thanks to the Langsdon’s their collection is on display for the public to see. Anyone can come into the library and enjoy the minerals. The display cases are housed in the same area of the library. One can easily walk down the aisles and see the minerals. There are also some cases at the end of the aisles of books. The minerals are laid out nicely in the beautiful glass cases. They are easy to see and each mineral is labeled. This collection is for the mineral hunter/lover and the novice. The do offer tours/presentations also for groups and students.

The best way to figure out the hours to visit this collection, is to check out the library’s website:

This was a real unique find and something that might only be found in a larger museum. Even, if you have no interest in rocks or minerals, check out this collection you will not be disappointed.

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