Cryptozohio - Stories from the Depths

Every year we post a few items about the stranger side of Ohio. Over the years the collection has grown. Here is the complete list for easy reading:

  1. Bridges of Ohio
    What’s happened on the bridges in Ohio. From Cry Baby Bridges to The famous Y bridge this is a few tales of Ohio’s river crossings
  2. By the Waters
    Ohio was founded by people following the “Great Waters” to new lands. But what else has used the waters?
  3. Stories of the Stage
    People love to go to the theater to see a show. Sometimes they just don’t want to leave
  4. Cemeteries
    Where the dead are put to rest sometimes has people who don’t find any rest.
  5. Museums
    Where one can go to see more than what they expected to see and the staff have to look out for more than just the exhibits
  6. Schools and Colleges
    From the Ohio University, where every building has something strange, to the many other stories told about Ohio’s many other places of learning.
  7. Haunted Tours of Ohio
    Tips and suggestions on where to go to see the strange in Ohio.
  8. Most Haunted
    Places that have been called “The Most Haunted ________ in Ohio”
  9. Most Haunted II
    More places that have been called “The Most Haunted ________ in Ohio”

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