Day Trips in the Grand Lake St. Mary Region of Ohio

Grand Lake St Mary’s was built to be a feeder for the Miami Erie Canal. Being the highest point on the canal water would flow both to the Ohio River and to Lake Erie. The canal has closed but the lake is still used for recreational activities. The surrounding area has not grown as large as some portions of the state, but still has things to do. Here are a few ideas for things to do in the Grand Lake St. Mary Region.

Trip 1: Around the Lake

  1. Bicycle Museum of America – A really cool museum telling the story of the Bicycle through the wheeled vehicles themselves. Behind the museum is a park dedicated to the Miami – Erie Canal. This park contains an actual portion of the canal and the local history center.
  2. Lake City Creamery – A small but good ice cream and dessert shop
  3. The Langsdon Mineral Collection at Mercer County Library – A great mineral collection located in the local libraries. Worth a visit for just the amount of rocks on display
  4. Grand Lake St Mary State Park –  A small state park with fishing, boating, and trails along the edge of the lake

This trip is a good one for anyone interested in history and exercise. Start the day at the Bicycle museum of America. Here one can learn about he complete history of the vehicle not through wordy displays but by looking at the wheeled contraptions themselves. Next one can step behind the museum and into the days of the canal that made the lake famous. The small Lock One park and the Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce tell a little of the story of the waterway and it’s importance to the region. A stop at Lake City Creamery ice cream, coffee, or other treat will help give a little midday energy boost. The local branch of the Mercer County library has a large collection of rocks and minerals on display and worth a stop while in the area. Finally burn of the excess energy and get a little exercise at one of the Grand Lake St Mary’s state Park hiking trails along the lake shores.

Trip 2: The sky’s not the limit any more

  1. Armstrong Air and Space Museum – The museum dedicated to the first man on the moon
  2. Al’s Woody’s Diner – A great little diner in the heart of Wapakoneta. only minutes from the Armstrong Museum
  3. Airstream Factory Tour – A tour of the factory the makes the iconic trailers.

The history of manned space travel and the first man to step foot on the moon is what the Armstrong Air and Space Museum is all about. After a morning at the Museum stop at the local Woody’s Diner (not on map). This diner is only minutes from the museum and is well worth the drive. Finally end the day with a tour of the factory the makes the iconic Airstream Trailer. This trailer is known for its shape. It is also the trailer NASA used during its early missions. The tour is free.

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