12 days of Holiday Activities 2018 – Day #12

Relax and plan for 2019

2018 was a busy year for us at Random Ohio Reviews. We went all over the state to see and experience many great things. We visited Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Fountain Square, Findlay Market, The Bicycle Museum of America, and many more locations in Ohio. We partied in the “Star City”. We returned to the Cincinnati Zoo, and a few other places (stay tuned for them). Overall this was a great year for us. We hope it was a good year for you too.

After all the activity that was 2018 and the craziness that is the holidays, take sometime and relax. This is a good time of year to plan for the next year’s adventures. Try to go somewhere new, see something new, and just enjoy the new year. We know we will. We are going to see what’s up at the Hall of Justice, Revisit an old, but always changing place, and see what the coast has become.

Stay tuned for 2019….. it’s gonna be a big one.

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