Random Ohio Reviews : 10 Years Later

A little bit of this …. a little bit of that ….. a Whole lot of oHIo. (okay mostly SW OhiO)

10 years ago today we posted these words and from there we were off to explore Ohio. Over the next decade we would explore many of the great places that this great state has to offer. Restaurants, museums, parks, local culture. If Ohio offered it we gave it a chance. After a decade of exploration we thought we had seen a good portion of the state but Ohio is like its  weather, when you think you know it, it changes.

We choose the name Random Ohio because we had no major focus in the early days. We loved going to anything that was Ohio. Eventually as we started to look at the pieces of the puzzle that is Ohio, we realized that this great state is almost impossible to describe in a concise manner. Everything about it is random.

From the north where the Eerie allows vast ships to travel from this state to others, to the south where smaller paddle wheelers and riverboats take to the Ohio, to the lakes and the rivers in between where swimmers, skiers, and recreational boats reign. Ohio seems to be something different depending on where in the state you are. Our travels have taken us to the farm lands of the northeast to the hills of the south to the industrialized Eerie shores. We may have gotten to some regions more than others, with the crowded Dayton Cincinnati region being over represented, but we have tried to show every part of Ohio. Our rough estimates show that:

  • 14% of our reviews have been from the Northwest :  Toledo and the Black Swamp region
  • 15% Northeast: Cleveland, Akron, and Canton
  • 15% Central: Columbus and the center of the state
  • 8% Southeast: Hocking Hills, Chillicothe, and Marietta
  • 48% Southwest: Dayton and Cincinnati

Our post have ranged from history to the arts to outdoor recreation to the local landscape. We have loved almost every minute of our journey through this great state. While we have tried to categorize them we have found that most, if not all, fit into many categories. Of our 152 reviews:

  • 83% have been about History: Since the first Ohioans settled permanently in 1788 the state has been preserving its past. Most places we visit love to tell their history, and we loved to hear it.
  • 65% Museums: A legacy of preservation brings on many museums. The great Ohio History Connection network of museums, national history museums, or local stops all have been worth a visit.
  • 50% Entertainment and the Arts: The great playhouses and art museums of the large cities to the small stages and outdoor murals.
  • 46% Food: Local fare known to the world to the local fare unknown to anyone from 10 miles away.
  • 40% Parks and Playlands: national parks, state parks, local parks, amusement parks.

We have even found that the facts we learn about Ohio are random. 7 years ago we decided to give a list of 100 random facts about Ohio to celebrate our 100th post. We only were able to get 50 facts at the time but from that 50 we have added 50 more every year until we had 300 Random Facts About Ohio. From “Ohio is an Iroquois word meaning “great water.” to “The shortest time a governor has served is…” we have helped many a school kid finish a report or just satisfied the curiosity of our readers. The facts have become our most popular posts with almost 65% of our traffic coming from them. After 300 facts, when we think it is going to be hard to find more facts, the state and its citizens still keeps giving them to us.

The one thing that we have noticed that is consistent is that most Ohioans are proud to be Ohioans and support their local culture even as they venture out into the wider world.

As we look back over the past decade and the 530 post we wanted to a take a moment to reflect on what we have seen, heard, learned and experienced. This year we will be reflecting on some things Ohio has taught us and looking forward to the things we are yet to learn. Through out the year we will be posting about our experiences and our thoughts on different aspects of our travels. So stay tuned to see what we have in store for the next decade and beyond.


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