2019 – the 1/2 way mark

Well we are halfway through 2019.

The majority of this year has been spent discussing Columbus. The city is always giving us something new. We don’t think we will ever be able to explore it all. We explored the hills of the southeast. The beauty of the area is worth visiting anytime of year. We also looked into the history of a major conflict in our state.

This year we celebrated a decade of reviewing the Buckeye State. While this was a major milestone, it made us realize that some of the places we visited in those first few years have had major renovations and changes. Expect us to do more update as things change.

In the last six months we have explored a few new places and seen some new sights. We have plenty more to tell of our journeys. We have old places to explore that are becoming new all over again. A trip to the renovated Cincinnati Museum Center will be like going there for the first time. New additions to the Cincinnati, Toledo, Columbus, and Cleveland Zoos have us want to make trips there in the upcoming years. New rides at the Kings Island and Cedar point, and the old favorites, warrant trips back.

We like to dive into that which made Ohio the state is it is. As the world honors the 50th year since the flight of Apollo 11 expect us to be celebrating along with them. We won’t forget the Ohioans who made the trip possible, or the ones who have continued on. We also have some history on more down to earth events including sports and the arts.

With a look to the past, a journey to the future, and more visits to the interesting sites of Ohio, the second 1/2 of 2019 should be as full as the first.

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