20 place to go in 2020

For the last few years we have been doing a list of places to see in Ohio. This is our wish list of places to see for the year.  There is no order or ranking. So, we hope you enjoy, 20 places to see in 2020.

  1. Harding Museum and Monument – 100 years since his defeat of Daytonian James Cox for President
  2. John Glenn Museum and National Road Museum & Zane Grey Museum – 2 great museums right down the road from each other
  3. Loveland Castle – A cool medieval castle in sw Ohio.
  4. Mansfield -While known for the world-famous Ohio State Reformatory Museum, there are a lot of other museums and attractions in the area. This place is worth a weekend.
  5.  Riverboat Cruise (Cincinnati or Marietta) – Here are some places that offer riverboat cruises on the Ohio river. They offer different cruises and tours. Queen City,  BB Riverboats,  Valley Gem
  6. Mazza Museum – A museum dedicated to picture books.
  7. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (original location) and the North Market – Columbus – We love markets, we love ice cream. This is seems like the perfect combination.
  8. Covered Bridge Pizza – Multiple locations of these pizza restaurants that are located in covered bridges.
  9. Toy and Plastic Brick Museum – Lego and toys and a museum, Yes please.
  10. The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati – Cincinnati has great art, and somehow we missed last time in town. Also we want to see more of the great murals.
  11. AMA Motorcycle MuseumMuseum and Hall of Fame
  12. Ohio Railway Museum – Maybe to see the cool trains, maybe to ride the Ghost Trolley.
  13. Buffalo Jacks – Covington restaurant with a good selection of wild game.
  14. A local Festival – So many to choose from. https://ohiofestivals.net is a great place to start looking
  15. Great Lakes Science Center – A large science museum by the lake.
  16. Cleveland Museum of Natural History – A famous museum with Balto, dinosaurs, and much more.
  17. America’s Packard Museum – A museum dedicated to the Packard
  18. Ludlow Falls – The falls might be hard to spot, but it sure would be an adventure to find it.

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