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Ohio Irish Themed

St. Patrick’s Day is fun even if you have no ties to the Irish.

Ohio has some great Celtic or Irish Festivals. Not all happen on St. Patrick’s Day. One of these festivals is the Ohio Celtic Festival near Cleveland, in August. Another is the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio. The Dublin Irish Festival is also in August. Celtic Fest Ohio is in July on the grounds of the Ohio Renaissance Festival in Waynesville. All these festival are great, with lots of food, drink, dancing, crafts, and music.

Here is a sample from We Banjo 3.

We Banjo 3 Bill Cheatum’s Dublin Ohio Irish Festival 2015

Fort Ancient

6123 St. Rt. 350
Oregonia, Ohio 45054


Quick Review: Historical museum with lots of walking trails to explore more history.

Fort Ancient is a museums and grounds representing the Native American cultures which once inhabited the area. It contains a museum and surrounding grounds.

The history of the area is long and complicated. The first people to build a village at the site were the Hopewell people. They were a mound building society, which they inherited from the Adena. Some of the best examples of this are at Hopewell Culture National Historic Park. The Hopewell Culture only lasted till the 500’s. About 500 years later people of the Fort Ancient culture took over the site and used th area until the arrival of Europeans. It is because of the walls and mounds that the first archaeologist to study the area thought that the recent inhabitants had used it as a fort. Only recently has it be understood that the walls and the later village were from separate unrelated cultures.

img_0386The museum offers 9,000 sq ft of exhibit space. There are exhibits on the first Ohioans, how they used the land, their first contact with the Europeans, and the conflict which ensued. There is also a prehistoric garden, showing all the crops that would of been grown during the time There are lots of hands on exhibits.

Fort Ancient is not just a museum but also and great outdoor space. It is the largest outdoor historic site of its kind in the country. There are 2.5 miles of walking trails. These trails allow one to see the historic mounds and also the surrounding countryside.  There are two overlooks that give a great view. The trails are easily accessed from parking lots through out. The park is nice because what is learned at museum can be experienced in the natural setting. The maps and dioramas in the museums show off where everything used to be, so seeing this outside really adds to the overall experience.

Tip: Fort Ancient is worth a visit on its own, but is also part of the Ohio History Connection and is free with Membership

The Dome and The Castle

Here are two unusual places to visit in Ohio.

Materials Park /Headquarters of ASM International

img_0236The ASM International Headquarters and Geodesic Dome, at the Materials Park. This building is at 9639 Kinsman Rd, Novelty, OH. This is an office building, but one can walk around the grounds. The grounds are open to the public during business hours, the building is not. So this place might not always be open. The dome is great to look and the grounds are well taken care of. Inside of the dome is a garden with different types of materials and some information about them.

img_0212Glamorgan Castle

The castle is located at Glamorgan St.  in Alliance, OH. This castle looking building is  property of the Alliance School District. They might offer tours, but we did not try. Just a few blocks away is the Feline Historical Museum



We did not go into either building. This is mostly because they were not really open to the public type of place. These are two places that are great to see even if you can not go inside.



Grass Skirt Tiki Room

img_0362This is going to be a mini celebration review.

Address: 105 N. Grant Ave, Columbus, Ohio

Website: http://grassskirttiki.wcom

Rating: ****

The Grass Skirt Tiki Room is one of those fun places to eat, drink, and discover. The atmosphere is matched by the great food and drinks. This restaurant is not huge, so it could get busy. we went in the late afternoon on a summer day and the place was not crowded. So if crowded is not your thing middle of the afternoons are good. The Grass Skirt is a bar type of restaurant, so late nights could be fun with a group of friends.


If you loved the Kahiki, and are looking for something to fill its place, this is it. The whole place, as the name suggests, is tiki themed. Very tiki themed. It is fun and festive. The decor is almost over the top, but stops at just the right point. There is a real laid back feeling to it. This does not mean your treated poorly. We were treated professional and the staff was attentive. This place is one where you really feel like you want to hang out. The menu has lots of choices all following theme.

So, give The Grass Skirt Tiki room a try.






Massillon Museum


121 Lincoln Way East
Massillon, Ohio 44646

Cost: Free (donation are welcome)


We are always on the look out for another museum in Ohio. Our latest find is the  Massillon Museum. The museum has a long history. This museum is like many others and learning the history is just as fun as visiting the museum.

The Massillon Museum is open most weekdays and weekends. This museum is multi floored and full of different exhibits. There are permanent exhibits, rotating exhibits,  and some good temporary exhibits throughout the year. One we fondly remember is their famous Immel Circus Gallery. This gallery  features a 100 foot hand carved miniature circus. This is a very impressive exhibit to look at.

The second floor contained some ofRCA Megaphone and dog statue the artifacts and artwork. We saw some real great artifacts from the permanent collection when we visited. It was nice to look at older items and discover some real historic treasures.  Their seemed to be something around each corner to look at. This is not the biggest museum in Ohio, but this does not limit the museum. The collection is on a nice rotation, so repeat visits do not mean seeing the same thing each time. It takes an hour or more to see the whole museum. When we went it was free, so it was way more than worth the price to stop in while we were in the area.

The Massillon Museum also has a café and gift shop. The gift shop has lots of great history and local items for sale.

This museum is not one to miss. You can easily fit this museum into any trip.
For more of our photos of the Massillon Museum visit our Instagram page:





17 Places to Visit in Ohio in 2017

For many year, we have been doing a list of places to visit each year. This year we chose to do 17 places in honor of 2017.

  1. Summer Fairs – it could be the state fair or a local community festival. This is a must to see local food and local crafts. If you do not have a fair near you, drive to the Yellow Springs Street Fair. This is a huge arts, crafts, food, and music. This fair happens twice a year.
  2. Holden Arboretum – This place has a Canopy Walk and a Tower open in the warmer months. This place has lots of hiking trails. This is a must.
  3. Loveland Castle – A real castle
  4. Diners – Great Breakfast or  Super Lunch. Go to many and go to local ones.
  5. Bicycle Museum of America. Museums like this are great.
  6. Now for the other bikes. Motorcycle Hall of Fame
  7. East Harbor State Park
  8. Little Miami State Park. Parks are great year around.
  9. Buckeye Express Diner. Totally Ohio railroad car diner.
  10. This is a repeat, but a must, 2nd Street Market 
  11. End of the Commons General General Store 
  12. Some kind of music festival, so many to link.
  13. Wahkeena Nature Preserve. Another reason to get outdoors.
  14. The John & Annie Glenn Museum. Now more than ever this is a must go to. National Road & Zane Grey Museum is also part of this  museum.
  15. Big Bottom Memorial Park. Named for the broad Muskingum River flood plain, this is the site of a 1791 attack on settlers by American Indians that marked the start of four year of warfare in Ohio
  16. Winterfest at Kings Island. It is back! Now go out and support so it will come back each year.
  17. Butler Institute of American Art. Yet, another art museum to visit.  Ohio has great art museums.

Some great places to see in 2017.