Some Ohio Podcasts

Podcasts have been around for a while now. More and more are being created every week. Podcasts come in some many different themes and styles. It really shows that people love telling stories. Some podcasts are even now commercial and have many networks, but at the heart is the people who decided to take control and put out content.

Here are some Ohio Podcast

The links will be to sites where we found these podcasts. You also subscribe in your favorite podcast app.

Ohio Mysteries – a show about true life mysteries that happened in Ohio

Ohio 88 – This podcast tells the stories of individuals from the 88 Ohio counties

Buckeye Talk Podcast – There are many podcasts about Ohio Football. This one is from Cleveland.com

Missing in Ohio Podcast – Missing people in Ohio. True crime podcast

Here are some from the Columbus Dispatch – https://www.dispatch.com/podcasts

Overdue – This is a book podcast. Each week the hosts discuss a book they have just read. The hosts meet at Kenyon College.

Ohio v. The World – Ohio History


Ohio Recording Co. Podcast – Help for artists learning the music industry

Many local public, news, and local stations have podcasts of their shows.

This by far is not all the podcasts in Ohio or about Ohio.

U.S. Grant

The History Channel is airing a new 3 part series on Ohioan U.S. Grant this week. If you like the show and want o find out more about the man himself might we recommend visiting some of his homes in Ohio.|

Grant Birthplace
1551 State Rt. 232, Point Pleasant, OH 45153

A great place to start but very small Basically just a two room house.

US Grant Boyhood Home
219 East Grant Avenue, Georgetown, OH 45121

Bigger with better displays and even a movie. Down the street in the same town is

Grant Schoolhouse
508 S Water St, Georgetown, OH 45121

A one room school house where Grant started his education that would take him on to the Presidency.

Each site is managed by the Ohio History Connection, a local organization, or a conjunction of both. This makes each site able to be done with the membership program. Having local people take an interest in these sites is what makes them great. When you go to them you get a sense that each person there has taken and interest in Grant and his life. At each site you can take a tour and then look at the displays. None of the sites will take a long time, but each will have something to learn from. You can see the places restored to how they once were and some displays of artifacts of the period the building is restored to represent.  The sites are not big, but pack a lot of information. Each site is pretty easy to find and has free parking. You will learn about Grant’s family and their business, early American school, local people of importance, and about the life of President Grant.

After going to each site, one really understands they must be done together because this way you get the full effect of learning about Grant’s early life in Ohio.

Photo hunt of Ohio – Eaton

We love getting out and exploring the great state of Ohio. The museums, the events, the restaurants, the attractions. Sometimes, however, places are closed. When this happens we still love getting out and seeing the sights. Most old towns have a town square. Every county has a county seat and most have a historic courthouse. A lot of the beauty of a Ohio can still be viewed after hours.

This time we went to Eaton. The city was founded in 1806 by William Bruce. It is named after William Eaton, an early American General.

William Bruce Statue

William Bruce

Roberts covered Bridge is just down the way from the center of town. It is said to be the oldest covered bridge in Ohio and the oldest double-barrel bridge in the US.

We hope to get back soon and take more pictures. We can think of a few places to go, but if you can think of any in the Eaton area, or have photos to show us, email us at RandomOhioReviews@gmail.com