Gone But Not Forgotten Columbus

So many things have come and gone from the great cities of Ohio. Here are a few mementos of some lost treasures of Columbus.

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Ohio Playlist #9

This might be our most diverse playlist. Also, this playlist might be one that is missing the most artists. There was no way we could include all the Ohio musicians or bands. We hope this playlist of Ohio artists give you a sample of some of the music that has come out of the state.

Ohio Playlist #8

Ohio has many orchestras or symphonies and marching bands. This mix features some of them playing songs old and new. We even put in a few tunes that celebrate the Wright Brothers. If you have never listened to or do not like this type of music, give a listen. We think you will be surprised.

Ohio Playlist #7

When we started creating playlist, we knew one had to do with Cleveland. This playlist features songs about the Cleveland area or from Cleveland musicians or bands. There are many different styles of music in this playlist. Take a listen.

Ohio Playlist #6

Our next playlist highlights and artists from Shaker Heights. Jim Brickman is pianist and songwriter. Some of his songs are instrumental and some are sung by other artists. His songs have been played at many a wedding, anniversary party, and even funerals.

Ohio Playlist #5

Our fifth playlist is great for the summer. This playlist has the sitting on the front porch on a sunny evening type of feel. This playlist is Bluegrass songs about Ohio and Bluegrass artists born in Ohio. Ohio has long history of producing Bluegrass artists and hosting Bluegrass concerts and festivals. In your Ohio home tonight you can ramble with the roses while listening to this playlist. We hope you enjoy.

Ohio Bluegrass Music Playlist

Ohio Playlist #4

Our next playlist highlights another well known Ohio singer. Dean Martin was born in Steubenville, Ohio. He had a long film and singing career. His music has that old school big band feel to it. This is a great playlist for a cocktail party. We hope you a good morning in your life listening to this playlist.

Ohio Playlist #3

The third playlist highlights the Ohio multitalented singer and actor, Doris Day. Doris Day was born in Cincinnati. She had a long career of acting in musicals and movies. She also was a successful recording artists. Maybe, one of her greatest legacies, is her work in animal welfare. We hope you enjoy this Doris Day playlist.

Ohio Music Playlist #2

Our second playlist is a playlist of music that talks about Ohio. Some songs are from popular songs from The Ohio State University Marching Band. Hang on Sloopy had to be our list of Ohio music as this song is the official Ohio Rock song. We hope you enjoy this diverse group of songs.