Photo hunt of Ohio – Eaton

We love getting out and exploring the great state of Ohio. The museums, the events, the restaurants, the attractions. Sometimes, however, places are closed. When this happens we still love getting out and seeing the sights. Most old towns have a town square. Every county has a county seat and most have a historic courthouse. A lot of the beauty of a Ohio can still be viewed after hours.

This time we went to Eaton. The city was founded in 1806 by William Bruce. It is named after William Eaton, an early American General.

William Bruce Statue

William Bruce

Roberts covered Bridge is just down the way from the center of town. It is said to be the oldest covered bridge in Ohio and the oldest double-barrel bridge in the US.

We hope to get back soon and take more pictures. We can think of a few places to go, but if you can think of any in the Eaton area, or have photos to show us, email us at

REPOST: A Few Good Ohio Books for Children

Here is a few good books with Ohio as the theme.

Children’s Books

  • Ohio: What’s So Great About This State? (Arcadia Kids) Paperback – April 7, 2010 by Kate Boehm Jerome
  • Night-Night Ohio Board book – October 4, 2016 by Katherine Sully (Author),‎ Helen Poole (Illustrator)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas in Ohio (The Twelve Days of Christmas in America) Hardcover – October 7, 2014 by Carole Gerber (Author),‎ Jeffrey Ebbeler (Illustrator)
  • I Love Ohio: An ABC Adventure Hardcover – November 3, 2015 by Sandra Magsamen (Author)

  • Lucky to Live in Ohio (Arcadia Kids) Hardcover – May 1, 2017 by Kate B. Jerome (Author)

  • Santa’s Sleigh Is on Its Way to Ohio: A Christmas Adventure Hardcover – October 1, 2015

Some Ohio Kid’s Books with a Halloween Theme

  • The Spooky Express Ohio Hardcover – August 1, 2017 by Eric James (Author),‎ Marcin Piwowarski (Illustrator)

  • It Came From Ohio!: My Life As a Writer (Goosebumps) Paperback – April 28, 2015 by R.L. Stine (Author)

  • A Halloween Scare in Ohio Hardcover – August 1, 2014 by Eric James (Author),‎ Marina Le Ray (Illustrator)

Even Easter

  • The Littlest Bunny in Ohio: An Easter Adventure – Feb 1, 2015 by Lily Jacobs and Robert Dunn

These books should all be available online. Many local Ohio bookstores might have them or could order these, but check with the stores first.



REPOST: Ohio Cookbooks

Here is a list of cookbooks from or about Ohio.

Here is an online one

ODNR Division of Wildlife – Wild Ohio Cookbook

Here are some print ones

  • Farms And Foods of Ohio: From Garden Gate to Dinner Plate by Marilou K. Suszko
  • America Celebrates Columbus: A Junior League of Columbus Cookbook by Junior League of Columbus Ohio

  • I’ll Cook When Pigs Fly…and They Do in Cincinnati! by Junior League of Cincinnati, Robert A. Flischel and J. Miles Wolf

  • A Taste of Ohio History: A Guide to Historic Eateries and Their Recipes (Taste of History) by Debbie Nunely, Karen Jane Elliott and Debbie Nunley
  • Cleveland Ethnic Eats (2008) by Laura Taxel