The Washington Centerville Library


Quick Review: A good place to find a   movie, book, CD , or video game. Always has great service and something to borrow.

We all believe that a library is a great institute of learning, a place to come and be educated. While this is true, most of us just use them to borrow books, Cd’s, and movies. As a good restaurant will have the necessary fresh ingredients to make the meal you ordered, a good library must have material to borrow. The Washington Centerville Public Library (Wcpl) exceeds this requirement and then some.

Every time I go I find new DVDs or books available to check out with out a problem. One reason for this is the libraries willingness to keep the rental length of popular material short. Popular videos and DVDs are only allowed to be checked out for a week, unlike some place whose shelf bemoans the agony of their 21 day rental periods. Sure I will admit that 7 days is nowhere near enough time for a season of TV, but with such a short turn over period I know I will be able to get the show again and finish it. It is rare that something I want is checked out and nothing else is there to fulfill my needs.

Besides the availability of material the library has many other things going for it. The staff, friendly and knowledgeable. The facility, clean and easy to use. The extra programs, diverse and enjoyable. Overall the WCPL deserves the #1 rating it has received over the last few years.