The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45248

Although the Dent Schoolhouse may seem small on the outside it is filled with some of the biggest frights of the whole state. This place will scare you. Even if you don’t believe the history of the place, the modern attraction will get you.

Okay, the history. In the 1940’s and 50’s some school kids went missing. The children’s remains were found in the Janitor’s basement of the school.

The current attraction is a throwback to this history. One starts by going through a small outside yard, then in to the building. The outside seems to be there so as to help with the crowd. Once inside the building the real fun begins. The rooms on the first floor are set up like a real school with desk, kids haunting the place, and crazy teachers. After the first floor comes the downstairs. Caution, the stairs are small and steep.

The basement is set up to look like the Janitor left it and a whole lot more. Even though it may seem small, it can take a long time to go through. The hallways are narrow and wind from room to room. Some of the hallways are filled with lockers, cabinets, and other things. At first they seem to connect the rooms as passages for the visitors. Eventually one realizes that they are a perfect place to be startled.

Actors jump out of everywhere. Everywhere. If it seems too small for a person to be hiding, then they are in there. The walls must be hollow and the rooms connected by hidden doors. Actors yelling at one in a room will be laughing a few rooms down with no way of passing the group.

To add to the fear of the random actors is the theme. A schoolhouse. Everything is a school theme. From the shop room, to the medical lab, to the butcher in the cafeteria, all of the rooms fit the theme. No alien spaceship or random junkyard, but a well-crafted series of rooms designed to look as if they would fit in a school. Every prop a perfect fit to its location. Unless it isn’t a prop but an actor waiting to jump out.

If one has a chance to go to only a single haunted attraction in Ohio… do not miss Dent Haunted Schoolhouse.

Quick tip: That’s not a dummy on the table… or is it?