Jungle Jim’s: Updated!

Original Post: Jungle Jim’s

The Original Jungle Jim’s is still as Jungley and Jimmy as ever. The food and craziness inside is still as mind blowing as ever. The outside has expanded to include a mini mall with a few restaurants and stores. While they are nothing too unique they help to enhance the overall experience.

NEW Location added:
4450 Eastgate South Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245

The NEW and exciting update to the Jungle Jim’s franchise is the location on the other side of Cincinnati in Eastgate. The new store is even more zany than the original location. This one doesn’t just have a store map, but almost requires one. The large aisle that runs through out is great for getting from the front door to the registers, but is not so helpful if one goes down a smaller aisle and reconnects to it at some other point. Of course this being Jungle Jim’s, half the fun is getting lost in the endless selection.

The attractions from the original store are included in the new one. Sometimes they are even beefed up, such as in the candy section and honey sections. It seems as if the company knew what made the original a hit and simply expanded on it. The “Hot Sauce and Fiery Food” section is almost 3x as large. Candy section is twice as large. Aisles are now large enough for two lanes of cart traffic.

While expanding some sections Jungle Jim’s also made sure to make the shopping experience a good one. The store seems designed more from entrance to cash registers than the original one.  This is great for the shopper looking to experience everything. This is not so good for a person who is looking to get in and out in a hurry. But hey who goes to Jungle Jim’s expecting to get out in a hurry? This is the type of store that needs exploring and the new layout its great at helping that.

So for a shopping experience like no other visit the Original or NEW location of Jungle Jim’s.

Tip: Eat first. The place will make you want to buy everything and being hungry does not help.

Jungle Jim’s

5440 Dixie Highway
Fairfield, OH 45014

Quick Review: Food from here, food from there, food from everywhere!

An awesome array of food awaits at Jungle Jim’s. The mega grocery experience (it’s more than a store) is the type that one goes to not just to buy groceries but to get what is not available at other locations. From a walk in humidor to a hot sauce aisle large than most other stores regular isles this place has it all.

The first time one goes into the place it can be a little overwhelming but don’t fret. Grab a map. Yes, a map. What other grocery store needs a map? It will help you decided where to go and how to get there. We recommend just going up and down the aisles looking at what is available. Deciding on what looks good, and buying it. Don’t put too much thought into it or one might spend all day looking for good mustard (we spent an hour because we kept finding new ones in new locations.)

Unlike other places, which organize items by product type, Jungle Jim’s is organized by country. America, as a quick shop when you first enter, then by each region/country in the back (the “Back” is bigger than most stores….yeah for the last time it is huge). This works and it doesn’t. Great if you are looking for items to make an ethnic dish. Bad if you just want to buy a product but want to see what they have.

Besides the food Jungle Jim’s has a wide variety of “Attractions” or odd things hanging from the ceiling and other locations. A band of cereal mascots, a fish hatchery themed like a Russian nuclear plant, and the Nation Best Bathrooms are just a few of the things you can find.

Overall it is worth the drive to experience a one of a kind shopping extravaganza.