Ohio Playlist #5

Our fifth playlist is great for the summer. This playlist has the sitting on the front porch on a sunny evening type of feel. This playlist is Bluegrass songs about Ohio and Bluegrass artists born in Ohio. Ohio has long history of producing Bluegrass artists and hosting Bluegrass concerts and festivals. In your Ohio home tonight you can ramble with the roses while listening to this playlist. We hope you enjoy.

Ohio Bluegrass Music Playlist

Ohio Playlist #3

The third playlist highlights the Ohio multitalented singer and actor, Doris Day. Doris Day was born in Cincinnati. She had a long career of acting in musicals and movies. She also was a successful recording artists. Maybe, one of her greatest legacies, is her work in animal welfare. We hope you enjoy this Doris Day playlist.

Ohio Music Playlist #2

Our second playlist is a playlist of music that talks about Ohio. Some songs are from popular songs from The Ohio State University Marching Band. Hang on Sloopy had to be our list of Ohio music as this song is the official Ohio Rock song. We hope you enjoy this diverse group of songs.

Ohio Music Playlist #1

This is the first in our music playlist series. Our playlists will give you a view in many different artists and Ohio themes. Our playlists are best played on shuffle.


During the 1970s, Funk music coming from Ohio became popular. Funk is a mix of soul, rhythm and blues, and jazz. Funk music for the most part is about being able to have a great danceable beat. So get your groove on and listen to some Funk from Ohio.

If you want to know more about Funk visit the The Funk Music Hall and Exhibition Hall, located in Dayton.

Blossom Center for the Performing Arts and Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Blossom –

Cuyahoga Valley National Park –

Blossom Center for the Performing Arts is located in Cuyahoga Falls outside of Cleveland. It is an outdoor amphitheater that hosts concerts and is the summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra. Blossom’s pavilion section seats 5,700 people, with space for about 13,500 more on the lawn.  Blossom is a great place to see the orchestra and more upscale productions, but has does not always receive favorable reviews for rock concerts. The are many options to what to see at the Blossom, so one should go to the Blossom first before deciding the place is a waste of time. The best seats are under the pavilion (no worries about rain), but expect to pay more than a lawn seat.

The Blossom Music Center for the Performing Arts is located inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This park was first established as a national recreation area in 1974 by President Ford and designated a national park on October 11, 2000. The park was established because many people in the area wanted to prevent urban sprawl from taking over the land.

There are many things to do inside the park. Some of them include backpacking, bicycling, bird watching, camping, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, golfing, picnicking, horseback riding, train riding, and winter sports.  There are also Ranger led events all year long. Now this is something for everyone.

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad operates 12 months a year and offers transportation in the park. This is a great way to not have to drive in parts of the park. One wanting to ride the railroad should first visit This will give a good idea of prices and where to board the train. The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad operates outside of the park also, so definitely visit their site to figure out which city to board in so you are on the right train trip that goes through the park.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a national park is hiking and Cuyahoga does not let down. Cuyahoga has over 125 miles of hiking trails. A portion of Ohio’s Buckeye Trail also passes through the park. There is a trail for everyone at the park. One trail of mention is the Towpath Trail. The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is nearly level and accessible to all visitors. The trail follows the historic route of the Ohio & Erie Canal.  You can walk or bike on what used to have mule pulled canal boats on it.

The park offers campsites and even offers a small bed and breakfast. The park is also located between Cleveland and Akron Ohio, so those two cities also have hotels and so do many of the cities in between. Lodging in or around the park is not a problem.

One can spend the day hiking then seeing a concert at Blossom Music Center. The Blossom Center for the Performing Arts and Cuyahoga Valley National Park are two great places in Northeast Ohio not to be missed.

Riverbend Music Center

6295 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45230

Riverbend Music Center is a great outdoor Pavilion. It is a cool place to see your favorite act.  And, yes, they probably will get them. They get everybody.

Located by the Ohio River (on a bend in the river), it is next door to Coney Island amusement Park and Riverdowns Race Track. This makes for a large open area for the pavilion. The Main stage is like most large outdoor theaters with a covered seat section and a lawn section. The lawn section is not as big as some and does not seem to have as great a view as other locations. The seats however are good. They all seem to have a nice view of the stage with plenty of leg room and drink holders to protect ones drinks. Getting to a seat is not much of a problem either with many entrances and exits and no walls to block passage.  The PNC stage is the same as the larger one with no lawn seats in back but a pit in front.

The amenities of Riverbend are many and well located. From the Drink stations to the bathrooms one will not have too much of a wait even at sold out events. The staff is friendly and available to help with any problems. Overall the River Bend Music Center is a great place to see a show.

Fraze Pavilion

695 Lincoln Park Boulevard, Kettering, Ohio 45429

The Fraze Pavilion was built in 1991 and each summer since it has provided Southwestern Ohio with a fine lineup of artists (regional, national, and international) and festivals.  Going to the Fraze is an experience one is not soon to forget. It might be due to the intimate seating, quality of acts performing, or outdoor setting. The Fraze Pavilion is located in the suburban town of Kettering, Ohio.

The Fraze has four seating options (in order for closeness to stage) plaza, orchestra, lawn, and terrace. Plaza seats are close to the stage, but are folding chairs. Orchestra seats are your typical stadium seats. Lawn seats are just that a lawn. No chairs are allowed on the lawn only blankets and rented seat backs. Terrace seats are bleacher seats you would find at any park. The best seats are the orchestra seats. They give the person watching the concert the most comfortable choice and are just far enough from the stage to really enjoy the show.  Spend the extra on these sets, it is worth it. If you have a family or a big group of friends then the lawn could be a great experience.

If one wants to see his or her favorite show during the summer, the best suggestion is to go to the Fraze website and sign up for the e-newsletter. Many of the Fraze concerts sell out quickly. Some shows even sell out within a few hours after tickets go on sale. It is best to buy tickets early.

The Fraze does have concession stands and boxed lunches. The prices are what you would expect at any concert. The Fraze does not allow outside food into the pavilion.

Fraze concerts and shows happen rain or shine. No umbrellas are allowed, so if it looks like rain bring rain gear. Those Ohio summer showers will quickly come and go. The show will go on.

If one is looking for a low cost way to come to the Fraze, they offer $2 Tuesdays one Tuesday each month featuring regional artists, and $5 Fridays each month during the summer with some great artists appearing. The Fraze also offers lots of free festivals.

Come early parking fills up fast around the pavilion. More parking is available at the high school across the street, but there is a walk.

If one has never been in the warm summer air attending a live concert, then the Fraze is the perfect place to attend your first outdoor concert. The Fraze’s quality of live performance, willingness of staff, and outdoor setting will keep one coming back summer after summer.